Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions – especially when on the computer

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.

Red Sky over Feldbrunnen

We had a bit of a messy sky this week, although it is normal in Autumn. I thought the crows set fire to the forest, but they assured me that it was not their fault: something to do with atmospherics and a sunny day. Do not ask me, the crows are more clever.always know more.

And now down to the facts of life, the truth and nothing but the truth. I am not really prepared to confess to thousands of bloggers that I live in a mess. I do not live in a mess. I have a Swiss husband and the Swiss do not like mess. I do not like mess either, but now and again I might have an organised chaos.

My bedroom is perfect, even if the odd cat or two might decide to take over for a feline sojourn. Cats are clean animals. They are constantly licking some part of their fur or body. One of the reasons why I am not happy when one of my felines wants to lick me, you never know where their tongue has been before.

Computer desktop has two meanings for me. The computer screen desktop and where I put the computer (I only have laptops). The screen desktop is perfect; everything is where I want it to be, although most of my icons are in a row beneath the screen: all the Bill Gates programme keys plus a few others. I even have a crap cleaner icon. Not what you think. It is actually now called CC cleaner as I think the inventor found that people misunderstood what he meant, although the home screen of my laptop does sometimes need a little cleanup.

Yes, I am a messy, I eat my breakfast with the first switch on of the computer in the morning. If my breakfast was sensible, like a slice of bread with all the trimmings, a boiled egg or something that is dry, makes no mess and easily held in the hand whilst eating, it would be no problem. However, I have a problem because my breakfast consists of cereal with a topping of cranberries.

The cereal comes from a packet, is dry and so I like to mix it with milk, just plain milk. I have tried it with yogurt, but that is not my taste. My milk must be cold, straight from the fridge. Basically I am not a milk drinker, but if it is refrigerated, then the temperature is to my liking. A spoonful of cranberries on top and I am ready to eat. Now this is the problem. Imagine the computer on the left-hand side of the breakfast table and the cereal on the right. In between there is a cup of tea, but I usually drink the liquid after the solid part.

My computer is up and running and I take a glance to see what happened to my facebook colleagues during the night. I do not make comments. I just like to read the events. Perhaps someone I do not know has split up with her boyfriend. Perhaps she has a headache; perhaps she has an amusing video of her dog, cat or even her husband. These things have to be examined carefully and there we have the problem.

Suddenly Jane Doe tells me she has moved the furniture around in her living room, complete with photo. I stop to take a closer look at the photo and examine the new arrangement in detail. She might have something I do not have. It might be at this point that my hand is suspended in the air containing a spoon full of cereal and milk. My hand shakes, milk drops arrive on my keyboard and there we have it: a milk stain between the keys. This action might repeat itself, Joe Doe shows a new photo with a wet t-shirt (now the hand is excited, more milk drops, perhaps on the table) and Fred Doe is in hospital, but will be released tomorrow if the operation goes well. All these important details leave marks on the computer.

I usually leave my examination of the WordPress prompts for afterwards whilst drinking tea, although if I do not concentrate it might be that I choke on a mouthful of tea (tea stains on the screen). Otherwise everything is under control. And now I must leave you, it is time to clean my computer screen and keyboard. I noticed lately that some of the letters on my laptop do not respond. Could it be that milk remainders cause them to stick?

Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions – especially when on the computer

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions – especially when on the computer

  1. Very entertaining my dear, but did you HAVE to remind me my gardens are a mess? Oh well they will just have to wait until I am better or can pay someone to pull weeds. *Which i would rather do myself.* lol


  2. We just got back from Vermont … and right now, it really IS a mess. I’ve gotten much better about keeping my computers as clean as life allows. With all the dust, dirt in the air, dog hair … computers are dirt magnets!


  3. I would wait for a post where I may read more about organized chaos. Sounds interesting ! I will be more careful next time when a cat approaches me for licking. Oops!


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