Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five Seven – Let’s play god

Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?

New Swatch


“You called Mrs. Angloswiss?”

“Yes I did. What do you think you are doing with my clocks and watches? I thought you were paying social visit for a piece of chocolate cake. You are removing my time. Reminds me of when you wanted to remove my mirrors. No, don’t bother Wordy. Another brilliant WordPress idea, “You are a cave woman at the beginning of civilisation, Tell us how it is to live without time?”

“Not exactly Mrs. Angloswiss, but that would be a good prompt. I must tell it to the elders at headquarters.”

“No, Wordy, forget it and give me my watch.”

“Of course Mrs. Angloswiss, here it is – a new one, but it looks almost the same as the old watch.”

“Oh great Wordy, but it has an hour too many.”

“That is the idea, we are giving you an hour more every day, 25 hours instead of 24 hours. No, Mrs. Angloswiss, put down that baseball bat, Wordy has sensitive mechanisms in the brain. It would cost a fortune for a repair job.”

“Wordy I am almost 68 years old, that means that I have lived …. Around 24,836 days, which means that you are adding 24,836 hours to my life. I will not work that out in years, but it would shorten my expectancy of life considerably, and I am not yet ready to go. I want a new computer and a new Kindle, I want to grow old with Mr. Swiss, I want a life Wordy, I do not want an extra hour daily. I am happy with the 24 hour day.”

“But Mrs. Angloswiss, think of the possibilities. An hour more to spend of writing the Daily Prompt, an hour longer after lunch for a golden oldie sleep, an hour longer to clean your apartment and an hour longer to cook and eat. Life would be wonderful.”

“Wordy, what are you going to do with your extra hour?”

“Wordys do not have time, Mrs. Angloswiss. We have a mechanical brain, the wheels turn forever. Now and again we might have to have a mechanism replaced or a little oil, but then we are like new. Who needs time, when you are a Wordy?”

“A very good question Wordy, but I am made of flesh and blood, I breathe and my heart beats. I even have a pulse which I can measure with my watch. Life revolves around time. There is a time to be awake, a time to sleep. What happens in between is a question of organisation. I am quite happy with my 24 hours, and do not need an extra hour, so leave my clocks and watches where they are.”

“But it is orders Mrs. Angloswiss. Our elders have the power to do this.”

“Not as long as I am paying for the privilege of having a .com WordPress site. Who are these elders, do they live on a cloud somewhere out in space? Do they have wings and halos, or perhaps they are shovelling coals in the eternal fires of the earth, the ones with the horns and forked tongues? That is more likely the case I think.”

“No Mrs. Angloswiss, they belong to the human kind, but now and again they like to play a little god game, so can I take your nice Swiss Swatch watch and replace it with the 25 hour version. It does not cost anything.”

“Wordy go. Disappear and take your extra hour with you. A nice greeting to the characters playing god, but I like my life as it is with a 24 hour day, no extra hours necessary. I get an extra hour in two weeks, we call it daylight saving time: just one night an hour longer: if your elders need a daily extra hour that is ok with me. They could use the hour to discover why the daily prompt sometimes arrives an hour or two late or not at all and force me to write to the forum to remind them that there is a screw loose somewhere. That would be a good usage of the 25 hour day. Ok, Wordy it is not your fault, stop crying. You can take a piece of chocolate cake with you and eat it in your extra hour. Wordy leave that hourglass alone, you cannot add an hour on that.”

“Oh, I thought I could add a few spoonful’s of sand for the extra hour.”

The WordPress logic strikes again.

Daily Prompt: Twenty-Five Seven – Let’s play god