Daily Prompt: In Retrospect – The new arrival

Yesterday you invented a new astrological sign. Today, write your own horoscope — for the past month (in other words, as if you’d written it October 1st).

Mac book

There will be offspring in your family. You will be happy; a new arrival will signal its presence. There might be distrubances at the beginning, it will have to be prepared, be trained and filled with love and information. However, after the birth, it will run according to programme. It will be guided by a small creature, known as mouse, and this will even be equipped with rows of blue teeth to ensure that its purpose will be fulfilled in an efficient way.

Do not despair if the organisation will not run as smoothly as you wished. All beginnings are give and take, but you will succeed There will be a faithful helper to guide you on the way in human shape, although it might be that your search for answers will strain the relationship.
There will be costs involved, but using the appropriate common sense (special rebates) these will be overcome. There will be alternations to your normal daily routine, but even this will be successful by your born talent to ignore problems. Beware – do not absorb food supplies whilst handling the new arrival, it is allergic to tea stains and milk from the cereal at breakfast which may cause a hinderance to the operations.

A new star will be the centre of your virtual life. It is a power machine, fast and efficient, but take care. Do not forget, a bad workman always blames his tools and should there be unforeseen circumstances caused by a false process, remember to apply patience and understanding. Uttered profanities never repaired a lost cause. You have a helper in the shape of a Google who will answer all questions. If there is the case of an unanswered question, assistance will be offered from a well-known source known as Facebook. Just ask everyone and you will be overwhelmed with helpful answers.

We are all unique and solve problems in our own way.

After some time, it may be that you find yourself in new surroundings. Your new arrival will be isolated and you will spend days dressed in white in a horizontal position. Padded walls will surround you and people whose job it is to care for your. All beginnings are difficult, but with patience a solution will appear on the horizon.

However, with the right approach, patience, and correct application of digital knowledge success will be achieved in your life, and remember to examine your illness insurance to ensure it covers mental breakdown, otherwise an unexpected disappointment may appear.

Ignore any daily prompts in connection with prophesies and logical thinking. Make it clear to those that wish to guide your blogging creations that not all prompts lead to the right path. This will confuse you. Remember it is not all, that mean it well, especially those who continuously talk of zodiacs and astrology. You will find the correct path in your life if you ignore all this rubbish and ask Mr. Swiss. He always knows the answer, even if you do not always agree. The solution is in the stars your new MacBook that arrived today and has moved in on your life. Love him and pamper him, he will be forever thankful.

The Mac Book Pro

Daily Prompt: In Retrospect – The new arrival