Daily Prompt: Masks Off – The genuine me

We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channelled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?

Shop Window, Halloween Dress, Rochester

“It’s Saturday so that must be Wordy at the door. Hello Wordy, how are you today?”

“Eeeek, Help”

“Wordy, come out of the broom cupboard and stop hiding behing the vacuum cleaner.”

“Mrs. Angloswiss, is that you? There is a monster at the door. I am not coming out until it goes away. My screws and bolts are all shivering and I am sure a shadow passed across my little cyber heart.”

“Wordy, it is just me, I was trying my Halloween costume for next week. Don’t you think it is brilliant. The things you can do with a photoshop programme. Now I am ready to go. I am sure I am just what the vampire ordered.”

“That’s you Mrs. Angloswiss? But you are all sort of funny with red eyes and pointy teeth, with an owl on your shoulder and a spider hanging around your neck.”

“Wordy it’s all make-up, bought at the local store. I haven’t made any chocolate cake this week, but have some devilled eggs.”

“No thankyou Mrs. Angloswiss, I don’t do devil stuff. Just a glass of water will do to help me recover from the shock.”

“Here we are Wordy.”

“But that’s not water it is red.”

“Just some colouring from tomato juice for the genuine Halloween effect. Wordy you are shaking all over, take a seat.”

“B-b-but there are no chairs.”

“Sorry, I replaced them with coffins, but they are quite comfortable. I even lined them with red velvet to make them softer when you sit in them. They were quite reasonable, the local undertaker was selling them cheap, I think they were second hand.”

“But, if they are second hand, then who used them before you bought them? No don’t bother to answer that question, there are some things better not known. Mrs Angloswiss something is hanging over my head.”

“No problem, you must have brushed against a cob web when you left the broom cupboard. All part of the Halloween props. What do you think Wordy. Will I be given the first prize in the Halloween blog contest showing my genuine inner self.”

“Oh, definitely Mrs. Angloswiss, it is very realistic. I am sure you will be given the WordPress Halloween t-shirt, dyed with genuine cyber blood. What are you doing, sitting on that broom?”

“That is the final effect. I will arrive at the Halloween ball on the broom.”

“With Mr. Swiss.”

“No, I don’t think so. Since I started to get in the mood for Halloween, he decided to spend a few days at the local hospital.”

“Oh, is he ill?”

“No, just needs a few blood transfusions. When Halloween is finished, he will be his old self again.”

Daily Prompt: Masks Off – The genuine me