Daily Prompt: Trio No. 3 – Fridge talk

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call). Feel free to switch one ingredient if you have to (or revisit one from previous trio prompts).

Storm approaching over Feldbrunnen

It was time to defrost the fridge. How I hate defrosting the fridge, but the door stuck every time I wanted to open it because of the pile-up of ice on the freezing elements. I think the best method is to fill a bowl with hot water and leave it for and hour or so. First of all I suppose I should empty it. It is not so warm outside, so I hope that the ice cream stays frozen.

“What do you think you are doing, take your hot hands off of me.”

“Did someone say something?”

“Yes, I did, the vanilla Megastar ice lolly. Do you want to kill me, let my voluptuous ice cream melt and mix with the chocolate coating. We are made to melt in the mouth, not in a plastic box somewhere in the kitchen.”

“Just a minute. Since when does ice cream talk? It will only take a couple of hours and then I will replace you in a nice clean fridge, without the thick covering of ice. (What am I doing talking to an ice cream?)”

“And what about us? We will go soggy. When you fry us we will not be crisp and appetising. No-one loves a soggy french fried. Boohoo, boohoo. Now look I am going soft all on my own.”

“The French fries are right you know. Imagine what would happen to us peas. Try cooking thawed frozen peas, we will develop into mashy peas. Some people like us like that, but it is not the idea. Frozen peas are as fresh as when we were picked and our flavours are perfect.”

“Oh stop showing off, although I must say that if I thaw out you must eat me today. Frozen bread cannot just hang around for days waiting to be eaten. Frozen fresh, thawed and eaten immediately we are at our best.”

“Just a minute, be quiet, I am going to de-freeze my fridge and that is an end to it. Are you crazy? Frozen food does not talk and be quiet. I am switching off now.”

“Of course we don’t talk, it is all done my food telepathy. We have a suggestion, as we will be the first to transfer into a liquid state” said the ice cubes.

“Wait until the evening. It will be cooler. Perhaps the weather will change.”

“I think you are right ice cubes, it looks like a very dark evening is developing. Perhaps there will be a storm. Ok ice cubes, no problem. I have wasted enough time on this fridge talk. We cannot have ice cubes shedding tears.”

“Oh thank you human” said all the freezer ingredients together. I decided to oblige, so I defrosted the fridge in the evening. All the members of the freezer were happy, and I heard no more. I did have a puddle on the kitchen floor from the melted ice. I cleared it away and when I was finished I celebrated by eating a Mega Star ice cream.

“What about me” said the frozen bread.

“I am leaving you out for the night. Tomorrow you will be nice and fresh and will be eaten. I hope you don’t mind.” I felt like a bread murderer, especially as I decided to cut him into slices and toast him for breakfast.

Daily Prompt: Trio No. 3 – Fridge Talk