Daily Prompt: Reader’s Block – Where are my glasses?

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?


There are times when you take a picture and do not really know why. Just trash, just anything, just a pile of bones left over from the cooking session. Nothing really worth looking at, but even bones have their value, hence the decoration.

Perhaps you might be asked a silly question and instead of giving a silly answer you show a photo of a pile of bones. What I really want to say that with this prompt, I have been there and done it so many times, is it worth the while to tell everyone about my dry spells in reading? Do I have them? Are you interested? So before further reading of this boring piece of blog perhaps you could count the bones or if you are brave, then read on.

Did I stop reading for an hour, a day, a week or a month, perhaps even a year? It is so unimportant for me, but I will let you in on the secret. I do not read with a calendar next to the book or a clock. I can confirm (my deadly secret, hold your chair) that I go without reading one of my books when I am in England visiting my father. I have no books with me and the literature he provides are the daily newspapers. His level of journalism and literature is not mine. It contains generally the horse racing results, or the football results. His favourite newspaper is 100% sport.

However this reading drought will soon be finished. I have a Kindle, one of the first. It might even be a valuable Kindle as the model I have is almost extinct. It is not a paperwhite or does it have illumination. If you are sitting in a dark room you cannot read it. Up to now my Kindle stays at home. I have loaded the Kindle App onto my iPad and there I can read with illumination and all the trimmings, but I cannot go on a walkabout with my iPad as I did not pay the extra for external signals.

Kindle now have a new super machine, i.e. from the beginning of November. I have not struck it rich, but now and again I like to treat myself to little pleasures. I plan on buying this new Kindle, called voyage, complete with 3g meaning I can upload books when they let me out and will take this Kindle with me when I am travelling. I plan to order this in November. I can order it now to ensure delivery by Christmas, but as I do not celebrate Christmas, I am not in a hurry. I saw that there is a new development in the cyber world called 4g: quicker, more efficient and before you decide what to upload it is already there – or something like that. You can organise everything but there is always something better. However, I do not despair; the Kindle voyager will be mine eventually. Perhaps they could bring this old tried prompt again when I have it. Then I can bravely answer “I am never without a book, I take it with me wherever I go, I am an addicted reader”.

There is a little hidden insult in this prompt. “Since learning how to read, of course” – but perhaps I am being over sensitive. I can read. My childhood days were spent with the exciting adventures of how the cat sat on the mat, and the two hermaphrodital humans Janet and John. Now and again I would read a comic, but this was dependent on whether mum or dad bought me one.

So there we have it. I will not confront you with the books I read, we have been there and done that as well. At the moment I will occupy myself with reading what the others said on this spectacular, sensational, marvellous, stunning prompt.

Daily Prompt: Reader’s Block – Where are my glasses?