Good Evening

That was a but of a lively afternoon. The morning was OK, I stayed at home, but I already had a quest for Mr. Swiss to fetch him some chocolate, his ration was now finished. That was OK, but afterwards a second message came as he had a few toilet requirements. Actually the golden oldie home used to organise the toothpaste and shower liquids, but they stopped doing it a couple of weeks ago as it seems the golden oldies were getting a little too choosy as to what they wanted, so now they have to organise it themselves. Mr. Swiss is not such a problem in that connection but today was a day when he needed something. So before visiting him I was off to the nearby store. Just as I parked my scooter my telephone rang. Now what did he need, but it was not Mr. Swiss but our tax lady who was still waiting for a document from me. I had sent it, but by telephone, and she did not receive it. I told her she would have to wait until the evening.

I mentioned yesterday that my long lost scanner was found last week. I had forgotten how it works, but now I know. It is quite a good one, a Canon. I used to use it basically for archivng my photos, but now I have discovered that I can scan and send documents direct by e-mail. The things I learn in ny golden oldie years. What a wonderful device this is and the document is now sent as a perfect copy.

In the meanwhile I arrived at Mr. Swiss senior refuge but he was not in his room. I had also not seen him in the dining room when I entered. I was convinced he had not broken out as his walker would not take him far, so I had a search outside and there he was with some of his golden oldie colleagues outside in the pavillion, so I joined him. It is really wonderful outside in the garden and they also have a pond. Apparently the have a duck in the pond, but it seems to hide most of the time and you rarely see it. At least it has a little house but that was also empty.

You also get a wonderful view of the local castle from the pavilion and there is also a small children’s playground, probably for the grandchildren that may visit.

Eventually we went to Mr. Swiss room and afterwards I made my way home. Tomorrow my step daughter will be here from Zürich and we will be visiting Mr. Swiss. He is looking forward to it and so am I. She is already a grandmother, making Mr. Swiss a great grandfather. And now to sign off here, and wish you all a good rest of the day.

From the garden in Mr. Swiss home.