FOWC with Fandango: Machine

So I had a look in my photo archives to see if I had any machines. I found at least one hundred. However, this one looked quite interesting. I took the photo a few years ago, but still do not have a clue about its use.

On the other hand it is clear what this is – or perhaps not. I think it was harvesting something that grows.

FOWC with Fandango: Machine

Good Evening

The sun is slowly sinking although will be with us for another half an hour. It was another good day, with a few clouds drifting around. Here it was a holiday ffor Ascension Day and everything was closed – no shops opened which did not bother me. No. 1 son had a nice long lay-in hugging the bed during the morning. For me it was the day of changing the bed linen, but no problem. I have my routine: turn the mattress, hoover under the bed and replace the sheet and the duvet cover and the job was done in half an hour. No. 1 son and I had a spaghetti bolognese lunch and after my midday sleep I went to see how Mr. Swiss was doing in his golden Oldie home.

We sat outside in the glorious weather in the pavilion and enjoyed the peace and quiet surrounding us. Sometimes it is good to get away from it all.

They have a wonderful enclosure outside with various animals and a pond. They now have five turtles in the pond and it is interesting to see them suddenly appear for a swim.

There is also quite a fish life in the pond.

Not to mention the chickens. This one got a little curious. She is separated by a fence but decided to get a little closer.

Otherwise they are quite harmless.

Eventually we said our goodbyes and I scootered my way home. And now I am alone again. Tomorrow is a normal day again with no holiday. I get a delivery from the store and basically I do not have to go anywhere until next week. Modern life is certainly something different with all the electronic devices we have. I pay my bills at home on the telephone, order my food on the computer, or perhaps even the telephone, and talk to my kids and Mr. Swiss on the phone and actually see them all. Many things we used to see in films are no longer films but reality.

And now I go back to reality when I finish my computer entries. Have a good day/evening. See you tomorrow – I hope.