RDP Saturday: Fox

The only object remotely having something to do with the word “fox” here that I have seen is a foxglove flower, so that is all I can offet.

Of course we have foxes, but they appear during the night when I am sleeping and are only noticed by the mess they leave behind in the morning if they happen to get hold of a garbage bag. Of course the rooster at the local chicken run has had his experience with foxes, and decides to go into action when one would bother his harem of chicken ladies. And so I just stick with the foxgloves.

RDP Saturday: Fox

Good Evening

Let us begin with something completely different. Yes, this evening No. 1 son and myself are having a chicken from my air frier. It is not yet crispy and brown, as it is still cookng. A nice easy dish with no great bother, just marinate your chicken with your preferred spice. I mix some hot mustard with paprika and a salty spice, add white wine and oil and let it cook, stuffing it with sage, rosemary and thyme from my herb garden as well as garlic : just turn it now and again. I just love my garlic.

I almost did not visit Mr. Swiss this afternoon as it began to rain at the beginning of the afternoon and we were both a little disappointed. However, just as I called him to say i would stay at home the sun came out, so I decided to pay him a visit. I always park my scooter next to the hedge on the left of the photo. Of course he was surprised and pleased to see me. He was in the dining room as there are no more covid rules, no masks and I can go everywhere.. I joined him in the dining room. Many of his fellow golden oldies were there and it was very pleasant. Actually I had a reason for being there. I have now completed my first voting papers on my own, but was not sure how to prepare the envelope. Luckily we can vote in Switzerland by dropping the forms in a special letter box at the local government office. Mr. Swiss always took care of our voting, we were mostly the same opinion, I just changed Yes and No to my ideas if we agreed to disagree. He showed me how to do it, so now I am a real Swiss citizen. He was quite surprised when I advised him on my decisions. I had studied all the directives and advice from various political parties as well as the goverment. He also got the forms in his home and will also be voting. I think this time I managed to influence him to make the right decisions.

I stayed about an hour and he really seems to be nicely settling in. I was even offered something to drink. Now that everything is open I can visit without a mask and even eat meals in the dining room with Mr. Swiss. The photo is of his local station where I have to cross the road to see him. When I left him the heavens decided to open and I arrived home soaking wet, On a scooter you do not get much protection from the rain unfortunately. Tomorrow should be a sunny day, at least I hope so.

His home is the building on the righthand side of the photo. It is really a weather mixture day. As I sit here typing the sun appears, then it disappears. Hope your day is a better one weatherwise.

Good Evening

Let’s see where I went today, not viewing building sites. This one is on our estate and few months ago it was just a flat piece of land with a view on the neighbouring forest. The neighbouring forest is still there, but the view is no longer so much as we have a growing block of apartments. It is really amazing how fast they can build today, with the help of two large cranes and manpower. The bricks are being fitted together and the lift shaft if almost finished.

But I had an appointment in town with my doc. She found it was time to have a closer look at my sugar household, although we spent the first minutes having a talk about everything else. We got around to talking about my teratom which I had removed in two operations, the second being about 7 hours. What was it – my twin sister or brother that never actually existed. It was a collection of cells that should have developed but I probably decided I was going to be unique and this collection of cells just lived with me all my life until I became about 50 years old when it decided to grow. No problem eventually after my operations.

So enough of my strange inside life. The doc found my sugar household was not perfect but not a danger, so I can report back some time in August.

Which means another tour of our Vorstadt (fringe area) where the buildings are closer together and traffic is almost non existant.

On the way home I drove through our restaurant mile on my scooter where there is one table after the other for a drink. We would think that no-one works in this town on Friday afternoon.

And of course a river runs through it, our River Aar.

Mr. Swiss was also out about and about today. His therapy teacher took a group of the golden oldies on an excursion. Mr. Swiss messaged me when he returned to say that he was even given a wheelchair which one of the other golden oldies pushed as it would have been a little too far for him to walk with the walker. They went to a nearby area, naturally with a restaurant, where we had often been together in the good old days when he needed no wheelchair and I needed no scooter.

I also got news today that our tax expert is now completing our papers but one document was missing. I had a search and found it quickly so now everything is under control. I am quite proud of myself for completing our tax papers this year all on my own. As soon as I get the completed documents I will have to sign them and can take them to Mr. Swiss to sign them as well and then income tax finished for another year, we just have to pay the bills.

I noticed in town that our fair has arrived – of course. It is now May Day next week and we always have such amusements at this time of the year, although not my sort of thing.

And now to tomorrow, although I will not be going places, just a visit to Mr. Swiss. I have not seen him since Wednesday. My head cold would not have been welcome in his golden oldie refuge. However, I received a letter today to say that it will no longer be necessary to wear masks in his home and we can even now eat meals in the restaurant.

I eventually said goodbye to our river and the town and made my way home. Have a good week-end everyone.