Good Evening

What a way to spend a wonderful sunny afternoon, but I had to do it. Yes it was time for me to visit my dentist again. Since the various problems I had this year I pushed that to one side. I really did not fancy visiting the dentist amidst all the other problems I had, but now the time has come when life returns to its normality. Actually my last visit was almost three years ago, but I had no aches, there was just one tooth bothering me in a corner which had decided to crumble a little at the edge and I had a feeling that one day a piece of it might go independent.

So my dentist, lovely young lady, took some x-rays and decided no problem. After an hour of grinding, polishing and putting strange objects in my mouth, the job was finished and she assured me that there was no big problem and I definitely would not need an expensive crown on the tooth. I suppose more or less she realised that when golden oldie like myself reaches the age of 76, why bother with expensive showy tooth renovations, and I must agree. My teeth are now in perfect condition. I now have an appointment with the dental hygienist for a general renovation and can relax for another year. What a relief.

I had to go into town to the dentist and took a few photos on the way, although at the moment it seems all I am getting to see are bushy trees everywhere. This would have been the reform church, but the trees hid most of it.

It was the same with the concert hall.

And since the magnolias have finished blossoming the museum is also surrounded by leafy greenery, with a few sculptures in the grounds.

I made my way home afterwards, no Mr. Swiss visit today, but he was also on an excursion from his home. They were off on a country ramble to stop in a restaurant for a drink on the way home. We had a quick telephone exchange and he was also glad that my teeth were all in order. Another positive point was that the cost will not be so high for a repair.

And now I am going to take it easy this evening – no more writing and no more photos. Yesterday evening I was determined to read a book again, but I got a telephone call from No. 2 son and one thing leading to another, there was no time for reading. Today I loaded my Kindle and I will read this evening. It is too warm for a computer.