Good Evening

It is always good to arrive here in the evening when you know that the day passed and I managed to survive. It began with rain, but according to the Swiss weather forecast for our area, the rain would go away at lunch time, and it did. You can always rely on a Swiss Weather Forecast, nearly always. It also predicted that tomorrow will be a sunny day. I hope so because I want to go into town tomorrow morning. It is our vegetable and flower market and I have a few items to get. Silly me forgot to cater for the days of our Ascension day holiday. They are a little different as I cook lunch at midday and the evening is just coldcuts and perhaps something special.

There was a special offer for asparagus in the local store so I ordered some, but forgot to get some ham to go with it, which I will get tomorrow morning. That will make a nice tasty evening meal with a sauce hollandaise (a ready sauce and not make it all myself).

Otherwise I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon. I had not seen him since Saturday, but he is keeping well. It is strange how we make the same decisions. He had a TV in his room when he moved in the home, but had it removed from his room as he had no interest in watching TV. I have a TV at home but never really watch it. I like to read or write and TV just bores me with the same programmes. I have many films I could watch at home, but they do not interest me.

I have also become the family accountant, dealing with the financial matters on my phone or computer and planning it all. I quite enjoy doing it, something interesting. My cleaning lady was here this morning and attacked the spider webs in my office room leaving it web free afterwards. I accompanied her by cleaning the windows. It really makes a difference afterwards and the room is much brighter.

And that was my boring uneventful day. Living in the country is great, but not very exciting. Wishing you all a good rest of your day – or night.