Good Evening

It was quite an active day today. In the morning I had breakfast and dealt with one thing after the other, no stress or rush, but I was finished with everything by tenish and decided yes, there was time to go to town. It was monthly market day and the streets would be full of various interesting items.I saddled my scooter and was soon on my way.

As I entered the town I saw the first stalls with their colourful items.

It got even more colourful as I made my way, having to steer around people and wait patiently until it was noticed that I needed room to move my scooter amongst the people. People tend to stand in one place when they have their conversations, usually blocking my path. However I had time and there was no need to rush.

As I said it got more colourful the further you entered the market.

And if you needed a fur rug there was a good choice although I do not think it was genuine fur, more machine made. I cannot imagine having something like that in my living room.

And if you needed something to eat on the way, this gentleman had a large choice of chocolate whirls in all colours and sizes. He even gave a nice smile for my camera.

If you needed some costume jewellery there was also quite a large choice.

And there was also something to decorate your home.

I pushed on through the market to get to the post office as I had my tax documents to send to the authorities. I did not really intend buying any groceries, but went to the store to get some cash and then I saw a special offer for frozen French fries so could not resit at that price. I rarely need cash as I pay everything with my electronic pass on my phone, or with plastic. It is more for Mr. Swiss when he goes on a wheelabout in his chair from his golden oldie refuge and calls in somewhere for something to drink.

I eventually wheeled my way home for my frugal lunch. I do not eat so much midday as I cook for my son and myself in the evening.

I noticed there were quite a lot of pigeons in town. Where people gather, they also seem to gather. Probably their chance of food is more. Those birds really seem to live to eat and not eat to live.

I had a nice midday sleep after eating and then was off again to see Mr. Swiss. It was a wonderful sunny warm afternoon and we sat outside in the pavilion. My stepdaughter will be visiting Mr. Swiss tomorrow with her daughter, Mr. Swiss granddaughter. Suddenly we seem to have quite a large family. It is quite a patchwork organisation. I have two sons with Mr. Swiss and he has a son and daughter from his first wife, who grew up with me. They married and also have children and Mr. Swiss daughter is already a grandmother making Mr. Swiss a great grand father. The poor man sometimes loses count of who is who I think, but he looks forward to seeing them all.

That was quite a busy day for me, but I enjoyed it. I hope your week begun well.