RDP Thursday: Beam

It seems to me that all our large older buildings have beams to hold their roofs together. This is our concert hall where I had my jabs for Covid. I had a 15 minutes to study the beams before leaving as we had to wait so long after the jab to make sure there were no ill effects afterwards.

Even my doctor’s waiting room has beams

as well as the roof to the supermarket parking.

RDP Thursday: Beam

Good Evening

It was a lovely warm Summer day but late afternoon a very strong breeze arrived and the sky was no longer so friendly. I was expecting a storm and some rain, but that has not yet happened. I seem to have had one of those days where I did not have enough time, although I did not go anywhere or do anything. My main occupation was a 2 hour sleep after lunch and I had to force myself to stop hugging the bed. I eventually paid Mr. Swiss a visit in his golden oldie refuge, although not so long. He was expecting the hairdresser, although hair is scarce on his head. However, one of the helpers in the home decided to shave off his 3-day beard and he was not very happy about that. It has now regrown, but the hairdresser will organise it for him. Eventually she postposed her visit to tomorrow, so I spent half an hour with him. As the home is just along the road it was not problem to come and go. We sat outside in the yard and the maintenance men were just fitting up two nice big sun umbrellas to give some shade.

I also discovered that Mr. Swiss home also has nanny goats outside, the ones with the long beards.

They seem to be quite at home outside munching the grass. There are also pigs outside, but they are in another part. I have not yet climbed the slope to get to their field.

There are also plenty of chickens, but special chickens. I think this one is a rooster.

And the rabbits have no problem in mixing with the chickens.

Although they like to occupy their own space for an hour’s relaxation.

Not to mention the female mallard duck that has a pond all to herself

although the fish swims past now and aqain. There are also plenty of water lillies so that will be another treat when they open.

He is now settling down nicely and I have the advantage of being able to visit almost every day with no problem, be it that I am on my way to town or home. I have no stress. They are now going to have a days excursion from the home to the Swiss Lake of Thun. Mr. Swiss is looking forward to it.

May the weather be with you all, or sleep well for those that now have night. See you tomorrow.