RDP Wednesday: Theatre

Sometimes you can peep behind the scenes in our town theatre if you are lucky. I was passing by the back entrance and the door was open so you could see direct to the stage. It seems they were preparing the theatre for a production: perhaps an opera or a play. We have quite an active theatre in our town of Solothurn that works with the town of Biel together which also has its own theatre.

I must admit the only time I visited the theatre was in Biel when the Chippendales were appearing – those young good looking men from the states that like to present themselves to the ladies with very little clothing. We organised an excursion from our office when I was a working lady – naturally only the female members, but that is another story.

RDP Wednesday: Theatre

Good Evening

And another wonderful day in and around our village. On my visit to Mr. Swiss this afternoon I took this photo from his golden oldie refuge showing the Jura mountains and our local Castle Waldegg.

When I arrived at Mr. Swiss home this afternoon the courtyard was all set for a lotto match for the inhabitants, although Mr. Swiss is not a lotto fan. The seats were soon occupied and the callers began to call out the numbers. Yes, life is never boring in a senior home.

There seem to be chickens everywhere in our village, but also just as pets and egg suppliers and not for feeding the population. I have also noticed that chickens are not just chickens and they also have so many varities, shapes and sizes.

And of course, not to mention the rabbits-

They are really quite big with their mega ears and feet. I noticed they are also quite speedy on their legs. I like how they go about their business ignoring the chickens that live with them. The chickens also ignore the rabbits, so they really get on well together.

The goats were also quite active today and this one got quite curious when he saw me and came up quite close.

However this afternoon the pigs were the main actors. There are only two of them, but they are quite peaceful.

A colleague mentioned that they would be perfect paint brush suppliers with the bristles they have, although these pigs have no interest in art I think. Their main interest this afternoon was finding something edible in the surrounding grass.

I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and brought him a supply of his summer wardrobe, which he was glad of. Tomorrow he is off on a summer excursion from the home, and on Friday I will be at the dentist in the afternoon, so I will see him again only at the week-end.

Today, Lucia my cleaning lady was here and she worked a real wonder and miracle in my bedroom. As it is now Summer and I live on the ground floor, the spiders are slowly invading again. Not that they bother me too much, they keep themselves to themselves, but leave a string of web threads wherever they hang around. She went to work with the vacuum cleaner, a broom and duster on the ceiling and every nook and cranny. The spiders were all homeless afterwards and disappeared and not one spider was harmed in the operation. My bedroom is now perfect and everything is much brighter. Of course I did some support work to help and cleaned my bedroom windows and their frames.

And that was today’s excitement. Tomorrow I will be alone. No. 1 son preparing for his rock concert in the evening and Mr. Swiss on a journey into the unknown from his home. I do not mind. I just hope that I do not forget how to have a conversation with everyone disappearing.

And now to call it a day in my peaceful corner of the world. May you also have a peaceful day/night – until tomorrow.