Good Evening

To the soundtrack of thunder in the background. We also had a very ferocious hailstorm with rather large pieces, but it is has now blown over and the sun is shining. I had to gather some herbs in the garden whilst it was storming and those large pieces of hail can hurt a little when they rebound off your head. However, it is rumbling again and it will probably be a stormy night. One advantage of the rain is that I do not have to bother to give water to the garden.

In the meanwhile the chickens at the home, where Mr. Swiss is, decided to stay quiet. They are not friends of hot weather.

Neither are the rabbits and they like to take it easy. Most of the animals were sleeping when I arrived. They know how to live in the hot weather. It was feeding time again when the cook brings out the remainders of the salad leaves but the chickens and rabbits were served in the shady part of their enclosure.

I seen to have spent the morning with a duster in my hand. It is amazing how the dust settles daily, especially on the books and their shelves. Not only do we have a large collection of books in the apartment, but also in our hobby room in the cellar. I have now made room in the apartment to enlarge our book collection, as I find it a shame when most of the books are never seen. However, where can I put them all. I still have about 1-200 books to transfer. Mr. Swiss and I were both avid readers, in both German and English. Thank goodness for the Kindles in our life. I am sure I could not cope with more books.

This is the second pond where Mr. Swiss is, no animal life, but left to its natural state.

And that was my day today – nothing special happening but I have had enough excitement in my life. I noticed that I do not even get so much post, and often the letter box is empty after the postman calls: just the usual junk mail with leaflets and unwanted advertising magazines. I do not even look at most of it and just pass it to the garbage collection. I cancelled our subscription to the local newspaper some time ago, much too expensive and just more paper for the collection. Here you have to bundle the paper nicely together with string for the collection. Even without the newspapers we have enough to organise.

And now for a nice quiet evening, naturally with a book, a Kindle in my hand, after our meal of spaghetti bolognese. Keep safe and well everyone and may the storms be under control.

Good Evening

Although the local Jura mountains had some heavy cloud, they were not rain clouds and as the day advanced it was sunny and pleasant. I decided to saddle my trusty scooter this morning and go into town. I had done my daily housework by 10am and it was the weekly market day.

I had not been for the past couple of weeks as the weather was not so good and I was busy with other chores, but this morning was just perfect. It is always a welcoming site when you see the stalls filled with seasonal flowers.

However before I actually got to the market I called in at the local police station as I had a problem with our main road. Some years ago they resurfaced it and make it good to look at. However for me in my scooter it was not easy to cross. There were no sloping kerbs and it was difficult to go over the island in the middle of the road in a scooter – a very bumpy ride. I also have to cross the railway tracks to get to the other side of the road. I have discovered the best way to cross is to look if anything is approaching and then just go from one side to another. I called in at the police station to make them aware of my situation although I knew it was not really their business. The guy in the office was very helpful, probably seeing me with support from my walker with a parked scooter outside, and he said it was a problem for the highway department. He made a few telephone calls and gave me the telephone where I could register my problem and discuss it with them. I do not expect very much will happen, me being probably the only person with a disability that has to cross this road to get to town, but at least i can give it a try. I will call them tomorrow.

Afterwards I progressed further in town and the first I saw was these wonderful examples of cannabis plants at the price of 11 Swiss Francs for a plant. They were labelled showing they had a low THC value, so nothing to get high on and there was an information that they were good against mosquitos, probably making them too high to sting. I did not buy any. Bird food contains the seeds as well, so I have a couple of plants myself at home.

Tomatoes seem to be a featured vegetable on the market at the moment

although there was a good choice of everything.

I also paid a quick visit to the store as it is the only opportunity I have to buy calf liver.

It is a treat for me once a week for a quick lunch when I get home. I also stocked up on some frozen goods as my online delivery service cannot deliver frozen goods.

Here is a choice of salami, cheese and bacon on one of the stalls on the market.

That was my morning adventure. This afternoon I was on a visit to Mr. Swiss and we had a nice relaxing afternoon outside in the garden of his golden oldie refuge. We do not need conversation or any other excitement. It is just good to be together. I usually take my Kindle with me to read my book of the moment and Mr. Swiss likes to listen to music of his choice on his telephone. I have programmed various radio stations on his iPhone.

I am now off for a nice relaxing evening with my nose in a book/Kindle. I hope all is well with you all. See you tomorrow with the next news from somewhere in the wilds of Switzerland.

Good Evening

Yesterday my gardener was here. He had quite a lot to do and the main job was to cut my hedges. He did a good job and now my garden looks like a garden and no longer a jungle. The toughest job was removing the weeds that had grown between the stones surrounding my raised beds, but he persevered and now everything is looking good. It seems that the work disturbed some of the inhabitants of the garden and although we have had quite high temperatures, the slugs crept out of their hiding places, but quickly disappeared again. Suddenly I saw this shape clinging to the wall of one of my raised beds.

It was obviously a slug, but I had never seen one like this before. The gardener told me that it was a so- called Tiger slug in German, so I had a look on the computer and it seems in english it is a leopard or great grey slug and can reach a length of 20 cm. They are generally not seen so much as they are nocturnal and only come out at night. This one must have been disturbed by the gardening work. One good advantage of them is their diet is waste material in the garden and mainly other smaller slugs and their eggs. They do absolutely no damage to the garden and are good to have around. It disappeared as quickly as it arrived and I have not seen it since, but good to know that it is there.

Here it is again, curling up like all good slugs do. I decided he deserved to have two photos here as you do not see them very often. I now know that he is living in my garden.

Otherwise it was feeding time again at my husband’s golden oldie home. This time there was some carrot amongst the peelings which was naturally ideal for the rabbits. The chickens and rabbits soon sorted theirselves out, chickens to the left and rabbits to the right.

I do not know what sort of breed this chicken is, but I remember when they arrived and were completely black. Now their coats are changing to their natural colours. I just love the big feet they have.

Lucia my cleaning lady was here this morning and did another wonderful job in my home. I manage myself to do the daily tasks of hoovering and dusting, but the work in the bathroom, shower and kitchen is too much for me, but she is so helpful. Next week she will be having a holiday in England of all places as one of her many sisters lives there.

I am now off for a relaxing evening and to read further in my book. I also have a dishwasher to run and a washing machine. I wish all smooth runnings.

Good Evening

I had to wait to cross the road to visit Mr. Swiss as the railway barriers were down as a train was approaching – a good opportunity for a photo towards our town. A lady cyclist also had to wait, but she found that every time she wanted to cross the road the train was coming. They have a half hour schedule during the week, so chances are many to get stuck.

Today was a normal weather day: no high temperatures and no rain. Mr. Swiss spent the afternoon in the garden of his golden oldie home, which could have been quite boring.

And then the cook appeared from the kitchen with the vegetable peelings.This was a signal for all chickens and rabbits and in a split second they were there. It was then dinner for all, after all you cannot just live on seeds and dry food, now and again they deserve something more interesting. If you are a rabbit or a bird, it makes no difference: food speaks all languages.

This rabbit decide to take a closer look, no mountain could keep her away. They only have female rabbits as otherwise they would soon be overrun with rabbits everywhere.

There was also a rabbit gathering

as well as chicken conversations. I noticed that the animals were more in action today. They also like to retire in the shade when there is a heat wave.

Although this chicken decided to just observe the situation. Eventually I made my way home. I had to get the evening meal ready for my son and I and wanted to upload my photos.

And that was today’s excitement, just a typical Monday, but who needs a daily excitement. Sometimes it is good to have some peace and quiet and relaxation time. I hope your week got to a good start.

Good Evening


Another wonderful sunny aftrnoon with my Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home. The view from the pavilion where we usually sit is just wonderful with the castle in the distance and Jura mountains as a backdrop, but this time on my visit we had a pleasant suprise. One of the ladies in the home had a visitor and she brought her Australian Shepherd dog with her. We had a wonderful conversation.

At first her viisitor warned us that the dog was there but is harmless. There was need for any warnings. I had only heard good things about this breed from my blogging pal and friend Martha who has had many herself and I was really pleased to at last see one in the genuine fur and paws. He was eveything that an Australian Shepherd dog should be and guarded his misstress constantly. When she moved, he moved as well and those eyes followed every movement. Of course I told her all about Martha’s various dogs. I am sure your are reading this Martha. It seems this lady also had two cats, but after the initial hissing and meows the cats have now got used to the dog and it is one big happy family.

I have never had a dog, but this would definitely be a favourite: so well mannered and no problem. He even approached me and I felt safe and secure all the time: no nervous barks or sudden movements, just a wonderful dog.

I noticed that the cows were also back in the field opposite the home as I could hear the bells around their necks before I saw them.

Otherwise we spent a pleasant afternoon outside. Again the chickens and rabbits kept themselves to themselves, it was just to hot for any animal action.

Yesterday evening we had some interesting evening clouds again. I eventually retired to bed but was awakened quite suddently a few hours later by a terrific clap of thunder and then the rains came tumbling down. It was one of these storms that develop after a hot sunny day but it sounded like the world was coming to an end. It would not surprise me if we got another one this evening.

Today is also a bit of a special day for me as my No. 2 son has his 48th birthday. Is it really possible that he will be 50 years old in two years? It seems just yesterday that I was changing his nappies.

I am now really trying to write at least once a day here. I was perhaps overdoing it a little partaking in so many different challenges. I was enjoying it but I realised it was no longer as much fun as it should be and I am not getting any younger. Since Mr. Swiss is no longer here my routine is a little different. It is at least a month since I switched on the TV – no interest. And I have discovered my love of reading again.

I wish you all a stress free relaxing day.