Good Evening

The weather was OK today and the sun arrived quite often. It was a lazy Sunday with not very much happening, but at last I could complete my tax forms and took them with me on my visit to Mr. Swiss in his golden oldie home for his signature(s). the whole thing is like a book with all the receipts and proofs from the bank and various sales documents, and eventually there are three pages required for a signature each. Mr. Swiss congratulated me that I managed it all on my own, and found that next year I should no longer have any problems – he must be joking. In Switzerland you have to be a finance expert to complete all the details. Anyhow I can now forget it for a year.

After leaving Mr. Swiss I scootered along to the farm for some photos and was not disappointed,

The geese were no longer on their field, but were in the farm area and so much easier to get some action photos. They like to roam around together with their accompanying honks.

There is always one that likes to hold its head up high and sticks out in the crowd.

I also seem to be seeing more and more roosters every time I visit. Not only are the colourful roosters there, but a few of another sort with more plain brown feathers.They seem to get on with each other and there were no arguments. I only saw two hens and they kept themselves to themselves. If I ever see one of the farmers I have made a point to ask how it works with more than one rooster.

I find the collection of feathers around their legs quite amusing, almost like a clown and the way they walk.

The cows were also in the field having their late afternoon snooze. Now the countryside is awakening again and there is some action. Afterwards I made my way home, although Sunday is no great rush. We had already had our cooked lunch and the evening meal is a help yourself thing from the fridge. My son likes his Swiss cervelat sausage, and I usually make myself a sandwich with some cheese tomato and egg.

I will now spend some time on the computer. I have a wash in the machine and when it is finished there will be nothing more to do today. Tomorrow is market day in our town and if I get up early enough in the morning and stop hugging my bed at a normal time, I intend going into town in the morning, hoping that it does not rain. I was thinking of shopping for groceries, but realised I do not need to. I really have enough food at home for a week, especially when I get my next delivery on Tuesday morning.

All I can do is to wish everyone a good remains of the week-end and my the week be stress free. Sometimes I find I have more to do since I am no longer part of the work force. Anyhow you can no relax with a photo of our surroundings.