Good Evening

It definitely did not look so good when I saddled my scooter to visit Mr. Swiss. I had taken my rain jacket with me just in case. However, the rain stayed away with just a couple of feeble rumbles of thunder in the distance. We even managed to sit outside for a while. When I left him the sky had again begun to look a little threatening, but the rain stayed away and I managed to visit the local farm on the way home.

I was so surprised to see three roosters together with a few chickens. I always thought that there was no place for more than one rooster on a farm, but perhaps I am wrong. Anyhow they seemed to be existing side by side with no great problems, although I did hear a crowing in between.

The main thing is, I suppose, that there are enough hens to keep the roosters happy.

And in the next field there were enough cows making the most of the grass.

Although for some it seemed to be a lazy afternoon and they just took it easy. Yes, the life of Swiss dairy cow can be quite pleasant.

Is there such a thing as telepathy? I was just thinking it would be nice to hear something from my Mr. Swiss and at that moment my telephone begun to ring and yes, he just wanted to wish me a good night etc. etc. The rain has now arrived, but perhaps tomorrow will not be so bad. I have nothing planned for tomorrow, but will be homebound if it does rain.

In the meanwhile I wish you all a good rest of the day.