RDP Wednesday: Chequered

The water lilies in the golden oldie home where Mr. Swiss is now living have at last begun to open and make a wonderful chequered display. Although there is chequered and chequered I noticed today.

I visited the local fruit and vegetable market and saw this wonderful chequered display of strawberries, all in their own square boxes.

RDP Wednesday: Chequred

Good Evening

It was very much a cloudy day today, but with a good background of blue and no rain. It was still a little cool, but 20°C is not really cold and so I made my way into town this morning. I had a few things to get in the stores and of course, it was market day for fruit and veg.

It is now the salad days and there was a good choice with gigantic heads. I wonder how much will be discarded as not being fit for a good salad. My experience is that the outside leaves are more rabbit food than for a tasty salad. Since Mr. Swiss has been living in his golden oldie home I no longer make or eat a green salad. No. 1 son does not enjoy them. He only eats salad to clear his plate and so I do not bother for myself alone.

There were the usual crowds on the market and plenty of food on offer. Not only vegetable, but also plenty of meat choices and if your like salami you could take your choice. I do not mind it, but in the days of Mr. Swiss at home there was always a salami somewhere to be sliced. I do not bother so much now. I notice that for my midday meal I rarely eat meat, but prefer some sort of veg. Today I had some mushrooms and zuchetti with melted cheese on bread. My lunch is slowly becoming a vegetable game.

As always there were plenty of beautiful flowers on the market. When I saw these I decided to take a photo, but I was not alone. I think we were three golden oldie ladies with our mobile phones around this arrangement taking photos. Of course we got into a conversation about how lovely they were.

I walked through the market to the supermarket where I replenished some meat supplies. knowing that I could again scooter through the market on the way home – for more photos.

Naturally I visited Mr Swiss in the afternoon. I had to bring him an extension cable for his scooter connection to the electricity. They have now adapted his scooter to carrying his walker if he goes anywhere. They have a team of handymen in the home that are equipped for such jobs. They also look after the various animals in the home. When I arrive at the beginning of the afternoon they are usually cleaning out the animal homes and the rabbits and chickens are excersing outside. One of the guys told me they now have six turtles swimming in the pond.

And now time to for me to go after just having a talk with Mr. Swiss on the phone. Tomorrow is a holiday here for Ascension Day, but as a golden oldie every day is a holiday. Keep safe and well.