Good Evening

Some nice big fluffy clouds hanging over the Jura mountains on my way to see Mr. Swiss.

Thank goodness the rain has disappeared and it was a wonderful sunny afternoon. I met up with Mr. Swiss in his room where we had a few things to discuss and afterwards we went to his dining room for a coffee, although I do not drink coffee, but there was a desert available: a parfait ice cream with some whipped cream, which was just fine and we both enjoyed it. The dining room is quite a pleasant room and plenty of space to relax and have a meal. The photo shows only one side, but there is plenty of space and more tables.

Afterwards I moved on home, passing the fields where the cows were grazing.

I did not stray too far as I wanted to get on home and finish my list for my groceries to be delivered on Tuesday morning..

During my tidying days I discovered that I have a scanner and now I had a couple of documents to scan. First of all I had to connect it to my computer. I had not used this machine for a few years and to be quite honest I had forgotten how it functioned. I had even lost the connecting cable to the computer, but Lucia my cleaning lady, found one so now I was ready to go. I had a few difficulties but eventually found the solution. I am really becoming quite technical since having to rely on I, me and myself. I can even convert documents to Adobe with it, although that would be combined with a contract which would cost money. I used it when I bought it for scanning my photos, which I no longer need to do.

After the rains yesteday I suddenly notice movement outside on the porch. The sparrows had returned, although I no longer feed them. Probably due to the turmoil of the rain and wind a few seeds had appeared again and it was quite a lively coming and going outside. I managed to capture this bird, although I only had my telephone camera and was quite a distance.

And now for a quiet evening at home. It is May Day today but no great celebrations here. If it had been on a week-day we would have had a holiday, but in Switzerland you do not get holidays on a Sunday.