RDP Saturday: Bridge

Having a river running through it we have plenty of bridges in our town. However there are bridges and bridges and this one was placed on top of a bridge, for an art exhibition. It is not a bridge to cross, but more to observe and in my case when I saw it, have thoughts on what it was actually supposed to be. Perhaps it was to help the chicken cross the road.

RDP Saturday: Bridge

Good Evening

There were always a few clouds hovering during the afternoon, but it was warm and sunny, so why worry. However, a dark cloud has appeared and in the distance there was the sound of thunder. The rain has arrived in the meanwhile and it looks like a dull wet thunderous night.

I had quite a nice day. No. 2 son arrived with wife and grandchildren and we went for a meal in a restaurant in our village. The grandchildren were happy with their pommes and tomato ketchup (chips/french fries) and it was a very pleasant lunch. I had not seen them for a couple of months. The restaurant is next to our village square with its swings and roundabout so they were not bored. The only thing missing for me was Mr. Swiss, but it would have been too much for him. I suppose it is not the life I imagined when growing older. One success today was that our tax expert sent the final documents. All I have to do is to sign them and bring them to Mr. Swiss for his signature tomorrow and then send them to the Swiss tax office. I am quite proud of myself as it is the first time I had done it all on my own.

Now I can forget the whole thing until next year when the carousel starts to turn again.

Our local cat now makes himself comfortable during the afternoon in my garden, but he is no problem.

No. 2 son’s family left after lunch and I could now relax a while. Those grandchildren can really tire you out. Afterwards I retired to my bed and spent the next hour having a relaxed sleep. I think I am getting a little too old for that sort of thing.

I think I will spend the evening relaxing with my television. Enjoy your week-end everyone.