Good Morning

It seems that today will be another wonderful warm sunny day, although mornings are still cool, but it will only get better. There are a few clouds wafting along, but nothing threatening. After so many days of rain it has now disappeared. Now and again there might be a short shower up in the mountains.

The problem with my freezer and fridge is almost solved. I had an offer a few months ago and the guy who organises it confirmed that he will be able to deliver and beginning next week delivery will be organised. At the moment I am using the fridge in the spare room, although not as big as my usual fridge, but is serves the purpose OK. It just means I have to waddle a little more from one room to the other showing how spoilt the human is. Mr. Swiss was quite annoyed yesterday when he could not find his chocolate because the normal fridge is now almost empty.

I discovered this little man, or girl, on the wall outside the kitchen window this morning. I think it is a normal garden spider. It is the only excitement I have at the moment.

Of course the bees are as busy as always, never tiring of gathering their pollen. I am seriously thinking about organising some honey production, but I suppose I have enough to do with organising the food for the family.

They are particularly attracted by my sedum plant in the garden which is now full in bloom.

I have noticed how internet is really influencing our lives. Yesterday I did an online purchase in a company which I use from time to time. Afterwards Facebook automatically showed me the article I had purchased on an advertisement for this company, but not only. Another company also showed me a choice of similar articles. No matter where you go you leave a digital footprint behind you. At my golden oldie age I can just leave it, but if I were younger it would probably have an influence on my purchases.

I am planning a trip to the local store this afternoon for a few bits and pieces. First of all I will see what my online deliveries are and what I would need. I have been on a diabetic diet this week to improve my values. It has worked, but too well. For the first time in many years I had a low value of blood sugar yesterday evening to the extent that it was bordering on hypoglycaemia (low value). This morning I was back to normal. I have decided to go mad over the week end and eat some ice cream again, or chocolate, naturally not overdoing it. I had never had big problems, but my last long term sugar test was not so good and I really do not want to have to inject insulin. I have enough health problems.

I must now go, the shower is calling and the Dyson says it needs food. Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed, although he is probably now making the bed – I hope. Have a good Friday, save your strength for the week-end and may it be a good one.

I think I should feed my visitor with a few cat delicacies. He is waiting at the window.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great photos … harnessing the power of the bees to make honey is something I have also thought about doing .. but never got around to it … but with your organizational skills … I am sure it will be a piece of cake !!! Take care and have a great day. SLP …

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    • The mind wants to do it but the body has given up. We have programmes on the TV about bee keeping. It looks so interesting and no-one seems to get stung.


  2. haha! The Dyson says it needs food…funny! The Internet is a bit creepy with all the ads it shows after you look at only one thing. The ones I don’t like are if I look at something, but do not buy, the company emails me and says, ‘did you forget something?’ No, I did not! I was just looking–not buying. Boy, was George Orwell ever right! Have a good weekend, Pat.

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  3. Someone suggested we get a mini fridge. The problem is that our “big” fridge is never quite big enough. Between food we are planning to eat, leftovers from what we already ate, food defrosting for tomorrow or the day after, bottle of liquid from which we’ve drunk half not to mention the cheese and meat, half and half, butter, chopped garlic, miscellaneous salad dressings and marinade and salad makings … I’m not sure there IS a refrigerator quite big enough!

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