RDP Friday: Nervous

A funny thing happened to me on my way home from the store this afternoon. Just as I was wheeling past this building, which is actually a hotel, I heard a bump. As you can see I was wheeling parallel to the main road and then I saw it. The small bread I bought had decided to make itself independent and had jumped out of my basket on the road surface. It was quick tightly packed and succembed to the pressure of the other items in the basket. What to do? Luckiliy it rested on the part of the road surface reserved for the local train and the train only arrives every 30 minutes. I stopped my scooter and had to dismantle my walker from the back of it as I cannot walk without and managed to rescue the bread from the road. Was I nervous? Yes and no, but I survived. Another lesson learnt. Keep to the speed limits of your scooter.

And now this fly is making me nervous by crawling across my screen as I write.

RDP Friday: Nervous

12 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Nervous

    • That is a little complicated. I speak German all day and often have problems finding the English word, although Imam a Brit, but have been living in Switzerland for 52 years. Basically I do not use a spell checker but an online German-English dictionary to find the right English word which I often forget 😃

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      • I see. I was just asking because in your fly image all the words were underlined by red squiggles like the computer said they were wrong.

        So, the Swiss national language is German then? That’s my new thing learned for the day.

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        • We have four National languages. French in the West, Italian in the South and a small part in the East where They have their own language of romansch. The rest of the East from the middle is Swiss german where we have about 20 different dialects. At home we speak Solothurn German.


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