RDP Thursday: Lonely


Do I look lonely? I have a computer and contact to the big wide world of bloggers everywhere. Even Mr. Trump keeps me informed now and again, reassuring me that at Easter we will all be back together again sitting outside. I am not quite sure about that one.

Otherwise, I am surrounded by bugs, ants and bees.There are also a few birds flying around. Now and again I wash my hands to keep unwanted objects away. I kill them with soap. No more stress, even isolation has its sunny side, especially out in the garden on the porch.


RDP Thursday: Lonely

7 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Lonely

  1. No you don’t look lonely… you look “fabulous” …. Have a great day … stay there at a safe distance and watch things comin’ apart in the western hemisphere …. I feel like we are on a roller coaster … still going .. slowly .. .slowly .. slowly … UP …. and the top ain’t comin’ for at least a week yet … so there is that ….. SLP ….

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    • We seem to be flattening the curve a little, although we are still being careful. This is the time of the year when many travel to their holiday properties in the Italian part of Switzerland but this is now not possible. I am hoping that people remain sensible over the Easter holidays


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