RDP Thursday: Loose

Apples Baselstrasse 13.10.2018

Our apples are free, and now we have let them loose
You can bake them, cook them shred them and put them all to use
We put them in a bag and tied them to the fence
We are giving them away, they cost nothing so save your cents
There was a record harvest and we didn’t know what to do
No-one eats so many apples and they were sticking to us like glue
So come and help yourself, and please do not be shy
Just cut them in half before eating,  now I will tell you why
Not only humans like apples, they are a favourite of bugs
And they are not so fussy, they are also liked by slugs
So just to be on the safe side search for a suspicious sign
Although I am sure they are OK, I tried some and they are fine

4 cool slugs

RDP Thursday: Loose

11 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Loose

  1. That used to be so traditional in the Santa Clara Valley. It was not done with the abandoned orchard trees because those who wanted the fruit could go out and get it. It was done with the home garden trees though. They made so much fruit. I was one of the kids who was assigned the task of picking almost all of it. Some was bagged and went to the roadside. Most was delivered to the rest of the neighbors. I knew who wanted how much of each type of fruit. However, because there were way too many of the persimmons, everyone got more than they wanted. I left the bags without knocking. We grew no apricots or prunes because they came from the orchards. In our home gardens, there were apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, avocados, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, almonds and a few walnuts.

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