One of my online colleagues lives in California and I love reading his blogs, mainly about gardening as he is a horticulturalist. Today he wrote about his “adventure” with Pepe, the skunk. I live in Switzerland and we do not have skunks or coons, just cows and hedgehogs so I really found this very funny. Most of my colleagues here live in places with skunks, but my European friends do not. I have never smelt a skunk, but have heard that it can be quite powerful, so enjoy

Tony Tomeo

P80304Coons are not much of a problem in the garden; but they can be a problem around the home. They scatter trash, eat dog and cat food, and can be dangerous to dogs and cats. They get into places we do not want them, including basements, attics, and even our homes. Once inside, they can cause significant damage.

That is why they sometimes need to be trapped. No one wants to do it, but it is sometimes necessary.

One problem that we did not consider when putting out a trap for a coon who was getting into the trash was that we might not actually catch the offending coon. Actually, not catching the coon was not as much of a problem as who we caught instead.

Pepe got to the trap first.

Pepe was none too happy about it.

Neither were we.

You see, Pepe, who is difficult to see…

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Daily Prompt: Fabric

With the apron
I like my fabric to be genuine. If it says cotton, then 100% cotton, no mixtures of nylon thread. I hate wearing a garment that sends an electric impulse through my body if I happen to touch something metallic. There is nothing worse that sending sparks from your finger tips. My days as a Brit in England were emerged in crimpelene, terylene, rayon, nylon and whatever. Thank goodness for the days of trousers for women where I no longer have to wear nylon stockings clinging to my legs and making me want to scratch away the irritations. They even invented nylon socks. Today I can wear my trousers and go to the sock department of a store for my feet coverage.

But what does the photo have to do with this. I always loved this apron. It is a 6 year younger me wearing the apron. My friend brought it from England, knowing I do like cats. It is cotton, nothing electric and I can wash it at high temperatures. My favourite cover in the kitche when then the going gets tough. You cannot wash tomato stains out of a nylon pinafore.

Daily Prompt: Fabric

Good Morning

Misty Morning

The snow is still here, but it stopped snowing yesterday and this morning our temperatures are even up to 0°C which means it can only get warmer. They actually predicted 6° and more next week, so it looks like the spook is leaving us. We are now left with a grey misty morning and might even get some sun later in the day.

Somehow the weather fits my mood, lazy and grey. I have absolutely no go to do anyhing at the moment. The only action I have is writing on the computer and even then I have to give myself a push. I could read, but my book at the moment is a non-kindle and so I can only fit that one in during the day. Reading non-kindle in the evening means switching on the light for illuminated scenery and I prefer soft lighting in the evening.

I discovered that the only occupation I enjoy at the moment are Jigsaw puzzles online. I have a complete range of them and the nice thing about the ones I am doing is that you do not know what the picture is until you are finished. I start with the edges and then take a look to see the main coloured pieces. At the moment I have one with lots of dark blue, so I sort those pieces and soon put them together and the sky is completed.  Now I have discovered white and bluish streaks, which seems to be an iced lake, so I am getting there. 288 pieces are my limit and yesterday evening I pieced half a jigsaw together. Yes I know it is pathetic, but little things please little minds.

I am also sleeping better but have a bit of a mix up with my pain killing tablets. I never know which ones I should take and when, but I am surviving. They  have names like Dafalgan, Paracetemol, and Novalgine, so how I am supposed to know which one to take and when. I do not like taking tablets in any case and I am now down to one in the morning and one in the evening.


This morning the kitchen already smelt from freshly baked bread. Mr. Swiss had baked our Platted bread which we always buy, half baked, for Sunday. I do not have a big cooking session today. Just a large piece of ham, some beans and potatoes, good and filling but no big sacrifice in the kitchen.

And now to move on and get my leg in action. It was not a happy leg this morning when taking the first steps, but it can only get better, I hope,

Have fun, take it easy, it is Sunday, so not exactly an action packed day.