Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Large Subjects

Corner Schänzlistrasse-Rötistrasse, Solothurn

The building on the corner is where we lived in Solothurn, Switzerland on the first floor with our four kids for 20 years.

Renovation A 23.08 (24)

One of my many photos when they were renovating our building last year.

Road to Langendorf 24.11 (7)

The grounds of the local high school with their sculpture in the background.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Large Subjects

Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

River Aar Walk 10.03 (6)

Which path should I take, the right one or the left one. The left path has a comfortable bench where I can rest, but the right path is straight ahead. From experience I can tell you that the left path is misleading. It lulls you into a feeling of security. As soon as you turn the corner the ground is a maze of roots which can easily be a cause to stumble. It is not a flat path, but goes upwards and down again. I know, I once chose this path for a change and was lucky to survive. If I had not taken the path on the left I might have missed an important experience in my life.

The path on the right is flat and safe and eventually opens out with a nice view of the river. Just saying. Somehow there must be a meaningful depth in this photo. I tried both paths eventually.

According to Mr. Swiss I can often be uncompromising. So that’s that I suppose. He should know. If this means I tend to do what I want, then that would be true. I left England 50 years ago for another country. Mum was convinced that I would return to the safety of a warm nest after a few months, even weeks: missing home cooking (mum coudn’t cook) and the comfort of living english. Forget it. When I got the vibes about giving up and coming home, it was all the more reason to stay where I had gone. And I preferred Swiss food and the way of life.

Don’t push me, I won’t fall, but will continue on my way.

Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

Good Morning

Clouds 07.03 (5)

Yesterday we got a bit of everything. It was typical April weather for our conditions. The morning was OK, a bit of sun and even some blue sky. As I was sitting at my computer in the afternoon I saw that some dark clouds were gathering. This was no big problem, at least something interesting happening in the sky. A few minutes later there were hailstones pounding the paving stones outside. It was a short interval because as soon as my camera was ready to shoot the sun was shining, with a dark background, It was then I said to Mr. Swiss that I would not be surprised if we now had a rainbow.

Rainbow 07.03.2018

And so five minutes later we got one. Nothing dramatic, but it was there, a stripe in the sky and of course the sun was shining. We had it all yesterday, but after the rainbow the sky remained dark. Today we are supposed to get some good weather, but it is still cold.

Today it is International Women’s Day, so I began the day making my breakfast and emptying the dish washer to celebrate whilst Mr. Swiss was still sleeping. I don’t really get it actually. We have been talking about women’s rights since the beginning of the century, so I suppose now we should have them. Even Switzerland introduced votes for women in 1971, late but we got there. The Swiss are experts at voting with their many referendums and direct democracy. You get an envelope full of details when something has to be decided. The idea is to read it all and then cast your vote according to your decision.

I have an easier system. I let Mr. Swiss say Ja or Nein and I sign it. Of course if it is something that interests me I make sure his decision is the same as mine, but we are mostly of the same opinion. That is women’s rights for me.

I had a visit from my physical therapy lady yesterday and next week she is on holiday, but she left me with some exercises like putting the weight on my left leg etc. I will also attempt to get out in my wheelchair, weather permitting, but it is a little chilly this morning. I will see what the afternoon brings.

Clouds 07.03 (12)

If we get blue skies like yesterday, I might risk it. The magpie nest is still in the tree opposite. It has been there for at least 3 years. I read somewhere that magpies do not build their nests in the same place, so if any birds are looking in “Room to let in the penthouse suit: guaranteed fresh air”.

Mr. Swiss is not sure if he will make an excursion to the shops today, we have everything we need.  I need fresh sage leaves at the week-end, so will have to find a photo somewhere when he goes on a shopping trip, as I am not so sure he knows what they look like.

Enjoy the day, take care, and think of your computers. Their keyboard might need freshening up like mine.

Crocus 07.03.2018

I discovered some wild crocus at the edge of my garden yesterday.