Share Your World – March 5, 2018

What did you or did not like about the first place you lived without your parents?

I liked everything because I was realising my independence. I moved to another country and I was on my own and could do my own thing. There was nothing I disliked.

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

I like fresh air, scents of the forests and gardens. I have to go with Cee on this one.

Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

Snow 26.11 (12)

How I am supposed to prefer this?  It is part of swiss life. There are even some that find it is not a proper Winter if it does not snow. I was a working woman had to drive through it all on the roads in Winter and almost had a nervous breakdown when I arrived safely at work. I perhaps appreciate it now as a golden oldie, as I can organise myself not to go out when it is snowing and icy. I can enjoy watching it through the window and taking photos.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  

I get photos and videos of my growing grandson almost daily, thanks to the computer, and love to see him growing and discovering all the assets he has. He wants to crawl, but is not quite there yet, he has got his first teeth with some more on the way.

Share Your World – March 5, 2018

Daily Prompt: Typical


At last a typical photo of my garden in March. The snow and cold temperatures have disappeared and uncovered the crocus below. After the freezing weather we now have temperatures that have climbed up to above 10° and an express snow melt.

Today I had to visit the doc and as I do not go anywhere at the moment I made the most of it and took my camera with me, hoping to get some snow covered streets and sidewalks and trees weighed down with branches packed with snow. I could forget it, everything was clear. The roads were perfect to drive on and even the gardens were clear of snow. It is happening thick and fast.

When I arrived back home I took a look in the garden and was astonished to find the flower beds were clear of snow. I even saw a patch of white Christmas Roses in the garden, full of their white buds ready to open, but I will have to wait a day or two for photos. I almost forgot I planted them, but they have returned.

So everything is back to normal, a typical pre spring look.  And Mr. Swiss told me he has even seen some fire bugs in the garden. They are always the first insects to appear during the year and the last to go. They are the cleaners in my garden and do no harm, the seed eaters.

Firebugs on Hollyhock 29.08 (1)

Nature is again returning in the same places at the same time after her Winter sleep. It might be typical, but always one of the typical miracles in life.

Daily Prompt: Typical

Good Morning


Not a this morning photo, but yesterday afternoon. Today is cloudless and drab, no snow but unfriendly. It is also a stupid morning for me. I love my quiet routine mornings with no interruptions. Today we were expecting another candidate for a cleaning lady and Mr. Swiss wanted to deal with the shopping before she arrived. This mean stop hugging the bed and eat breadfast and no playing with the computer. I did not have the time as I had to have my shower before Mr. Swiss departs for a risk free session. I was showered when the cleaning lady phoned to say she had a problem. There is a serious illness in the family and sorry she could not come. I could have saved my stress, although sorry for her problem.

Now Mr. Swiss has departed, I am clean and ready for action at my computer. We had another drama when my computer mouse disappeared. As I had not touched my computer it was not my fault. After a search Mr. Swiss found it on the floor beneath the shelves where I keep my mice and computers. It was one drama after the other this morning. At least I could read further in my book at breakfast. At the moment I am going on a hiking trip in the San Diego area of the States by book, and am totally captivated by everything. My hikes in Switzerland are quite tame in comparison.  I should finish the book today.

We are having problems with our shopping list. I make a list, Mr. Swiss adds to it and that should be fine until we noticed yesterday evening that all that was remaining in the fridge was some remainders of cheese (cheddar and something soft and french) and a cervela (Swiss sausage) to feed three people. Basically Sunday evening is not such a spectacular eating spree for me, I just take what is there. However, if the others are not cheese inclined (my No. 1 son will not eat cheese, unless fondue and Mr. Swiss eats it because it is there) you have a problem. It seems I should make more suggestions for Sunday evening, but cheese is OK with me. I am of the opinion the salami and ham eaters should do some research in that direction. I did find a tomato in the fridge and it was eatable.

We had voting in Switzerland at the week-end about “No Billag”. You don’t know what it is? Neither did I really, although there were weeks of discussions on the TV before the voting. It means no more advertising on the TV, meaning that where are we going to get the money from, or something like that and we would probably be overtaken by freak TV stations shovelling their advertising down our throats. Anyhow it was turned down, everyone is happy and we can continue to pay our TV licences as always. If it had been accepted there would be not more licence fees. At least something like that. It was all very technical and, OK, I did not really understand the fuss. Voting in a direct democracy is a way of life here.

This afternoon I have a visit to the local vampire doc with Mr. Swiss. We both have to donate blood for an examination.

And now to move on see you later. If I do not appear, it means that the vampire got me and I now belong to the undead.

Have a good day everyone.

Morning trees