Daily Prompt: Fabric

With the apron
I like my fabric to be genuine. If it says cotton, then 100% cotton, no mixtures of nylon thread. I hate wearing a garment that sends an electric impulse through my body if I happen to touch something metallic. There is nothing worse that sending sparks from your finger tips. My days as a Brit in England were emerged in crimpelene, terylene, rayon, nylon and whatever. Thank goodness for the days of trousers for women where I no longer have to wear nylon stockings clinging to my legs and making me want to scratch away the irritations. They even invented nylon socks. Today I can wear my trousers and go to the sock department of a store for my feet coverage.

But what does the photo have to do with this. I always loved this apron. It is a 6 year younger me wearing the apron. My friend brought it from England, knowing I do like cats. It is cotton, nothing electric and I can wash it at high temperatures. My favourite cover in the kitche when then the going gets tough. You cannot wash tomato stains out of a nylon pinafore.

Daily Prompt: Fabric

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fabric

  1. I so agree – I do not like artificial fabric unless it is mixed with cotton. I also always wear trousers and socks in winter, plus my hiking boots – they are the most comfortable!

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    • I see you are also located in the UK and I think they were selling the pinnies in BHS or perhaps M & S so they probably had a series of articles in the material, I love the design.

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