Daily Prompt: Wonder

Christ rose 09.03 (1)

Oh wonder, my Christroses have opened up in the garden. I almost forgot they were there.

Otherwise no wonders here. There has been no miracle cure for MS yet, and my broken leg stays broken.

I just spent some time filling out an online questionnaire about being an expat. I suppose I am an expat being a Brit but living in Switzerland for the past 50 years, although I do not really feel very expat. The form was from the HSBC which is some sort of British Bank and I do not really think I was a suitable target: married to a Swiss, a Swiss citizen for the past 47 years and have absolutely no regrets about leaving England and settling in another country. I am definitely not a typical ex pat, so my answers to their questions were probably not what they expected. I am quite happy in Switzerland and definitely do not regret leaving Britain.

They were asking a little too many questions about my financial situation which I declined to answer. Why is it that the Brits are convinced that they are the only country that is perfect. I even have colleagues in England who feel sorry for me eating foreign food and living in another country as if I must suffer living in Switzerland – my dad always said “they like that sort of thing” when it came to living in another country. And I like Cheese Fondue. He also felt sorry for me I think. Just do not wonder why I am here.  It is the best decision I ever made.

Daily Prompt: Wonder

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

And the golden sun has not yet risen anywhere, so we have a grey heavy lid of clouds. At least we can see the clouds, which is not always the case. I even risked crossing the threshhold of the kitchen to get a closer photo. Yes, I am getting quite daring now, little steps more every day.

Walker 07.03 (3)

It is not easy to shift my walker outside as I have to lift it over the window frame, but I can do it. It is a matter of knowing which foot to put first. Yesterday evening I really felt good with walking and had visions of going places today. However, this morning everything was stiff and immovable when I took my first steps, but it can only get better. I actually managed to lift my left leg yesterday on my own and get into the bath without further assistance, every little counts.

Mr. Swiss is off on a tour de shops this morning and is already armed with the shopping list on our iPhones.

We have now stopped feeding the birds in the morning as Spring is around the corner. The crows still arrive same time same place searching for yesterday’s bread remains, but depart when they realise there is nothing there. You have to be cruel to be kind, said my mum, and we have too many overweight crows here.

And that’s that, nothing spectacular happening at the moment, except that I will now go and hobble around cleaning the shower and take it easy. Life can also be good with a broken leg.

back garden