One Word Photo Challenge: Place

Feldbrunnen 14.06 (3)

How do you settle for one photo when you live in paradise and have many showing the most beautiful places you have ever seen. I do not need to travel to other places, when I have everything I need at my doorstep. No matter where I go in the village the Jura mountains are always in the background. We have orchards, and wheat fields and of course cows. This has become my home, my place.

One Word Photo Challenge: Place

One Word Photo Challenge: Perspective

Cemetery 27.05 (3)

The world looks different when you are on your way in a wheelchair and you have your colourful walking stick fixed at the side in case you need it. It is amazing the people that want to overtake you on their bikes, so you should always keep an eye on the mirror.

One Word Photo Challenge: Perspective