One Word Photo Challenge: Manatee

Visiting the Natural History Museum in South Kensington

Sorry no manatee, the only thing near to it are the otters living in a colony somewhere in our local river. This was the best I could do. On a visit to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington London with my two little boys we met this sea monster: a blue whale model with its skeleton behind it. This photo was taken in 1984 on a visit to my family in London. The little boy on the right became a father this year, and the big boy on the left is now over 47 years old. On the left their grandfather looks on, my dad who passed away two years ago at the age of 100.

Time goes quickly, too quickly. I heard that the skeleton of the blue whale has now been made a central piece in the new organisation of the museum.

One Word Photo Challenge: Manatee

One Word Photo Challenge: Macro

Pepper Seeds 1709 (5)

When is a macro a macro? Good Question. Is it a macro because you happen to take the photo with a macro lens, or is it a macro because you are as close as possible, trying to avoid getting stung by a wasp or a bee or being careful not to disturb a fly that has just settled for the macro of the year. I played safe with this experiment. It is the seeds of a green pepper, taking with my macro lens. I should use the lens more often, but I am too lazy and when I have a wonderful sharp focus, everything surrounding it is one big blur.

One Word Photo Challenge: Macro

One Word Photo Challenge: Lock

Dad opening the Door

It was in 2006, 11 years ago. I was in England visiting my dad who was then 90 years old. I took the photo as he was unlocking the door of his house. Unlocking doors in London houses is not easy, especially if you live in an area where break-ins are not rare and so you have many ways of locking the door. Even the windows had locks on them. I must admit when I stayed with him I always had problems, but he had everything under control.

Funny thing is that I grew up in a “rough” part of London, Bethnal Green, the East End, home of the gangster family Kray. Of course we locked the doors to our old houses, although there was nothing really worth stealing, but the door was usually open during the day. I would be outside playing in the street or the women in the street might be standing on the door steps watching the world go by and having conversations. Today we live in a world of locks and keys.

A fond memory of dad when he was still living in his house. Note the cap on the head, it is general working class uniform. Even my husband, Mr. Swiss, wears one to keep his ears warm and that is in Switzerland.

One Word Photo Challenge: Lock

One Word Photo Challenge: Llama

Llamas in Welschenrohr

You have llamas in Switzerland? Yes of course we do, although not as many as cows. I am not sure how friendly they are, but now and again you find groups of llamas parked somewhere on a meadow. They are patiently waiting for a walk. They are quite hardy animals and are at home on slopes which is the main reason we have llamas in our country of mountains and hills. Apparently if you want to go for a walk, then take a llama with you. They can be handy for carrying the rucksack and other items you take with you. They seem to enjoy a good walk, even if it goes up and down.

One Word Photo Challenge: Llama