One of my online colleagues lives in California and I love reading his blogs, mainly about gardening as he is a horticulturalist. Today he wrote about his “adventure” with Pepe, the skunk. I live in Switzerland and we do not have skunks or coons, just cows and hedgehogs so I really found this very funny. Most of my colleagues here live in places with skunks, but my European friends do not. I have never smelt a skunk, but have heard that it can be quite powerful, so enjoy

Tony Tomeo

P80304Coons are not much of a problem in the garden; but they can be a problem around the home. They scatter trash, eat dog and cat food, and can be dangerous to dogs and cats. They get into places we do not want them, including basements, attics, and even our homes. Once inside, they can cause significant damage.

That is why they sometimes need to be trapped. No one wants to do it, but it is sometimes necessary.

One problem that we did not consider when putting out a trap for a coon who was getting into the trash was that we might not actually catch the offending coon. Actually, not catching the coon was not as much of a problem as who we caught instead.

Pepe got to the trap first.

Pepe was none too happy about it.

Neither were we.

You see, Pepe, who is difficult to see…

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13 thoughts on “Pepe

  1. Pepe le Pew is a cartoon character here. Very cute. Very French. This was a cute read. Poor little Pepe just wanted a buddy. Where I grew up in New Jersey, there was a ‘woods’ (what we called it) across the street from my house that was filled with skunk cabbage. After it rained–oh, the smell! Quite awful. If that is what skunks smell like, it is not pleasant at all.

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  2. Out last dog knew how to handlr. The whole we spent there , she loved to chase both skunks and porcupines. She would barked at them in the front as they turned to used their scent glands , she would back in front of them. One very large porcupine would head for a tree whenever he saw her. A porcupine never hit her and a skunk only a couple of times. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love skunks and even their smell. They are darling creatures and I wish them all the best. As an aside, the pot that many smoke now smells pretty identical to skunks, and is called skunkweed or skunky pot or similar. The animals smell much better to me than the foul weed!

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