Daily Prompt: Identical

Castle Waldegg 02.07 (17)

If my twin had survived, how would she be? Would she have my wishy washy blue eyes, or the hair that never curled but remained straight. Of course, she or even he, did not have to be from the same egg, and probably was not, but we will never know because my twin never became more than a collection of cells embedded in my body in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I could have given Stephen King a model for writing a new roman, calling it “The Teratom” and my unborn twin might have become famous. It could have developed and taken over my body instead of remaining undiscovered until I reached the age of 50. It was always there, dormant and waiting for the day of its discovery. No eyes or bones were found and teeth had also not developped. It remained sitting in my tail bone dormant and just enjoying its host, which was me. One day, through some reason we will never know, it began to grow. Was there an electrical storm, an extra terrestrial signal, or perhaps the time was ready for an appearance. My twin, now to be known as a Teratome, began to grow.

Of course this did not go unnoticed and I was diagnosed with an abscess which was removed from my tail bone. However, five years later my twin decided to carry on and began to grow again. This time it was discovered, the suppressed twin that was just a collection of  several different types of cells. My teratom was a boring teratom, just growing cells and nothing worth a mention in a scientific paper. It was removed again in a three hour operation. There was no ceremonial burial and I did not ask in the hospital for photos.

Five years later it returned. The sequel had arrived. These good books are always in three parts it seems and the big and final operation was made. I already had a scar horizontally across the lower part of my back from the last operation, but now it was the big McCoy and I got an interesting vertical scar at the front, making a curve around my navel. It was becoming interesting and after a 7 hour operation everything was removed, including my appendix and another spare part I no longer really needed. My days of motherhood were over. To be sure, the surgeon examined everything with a microscope to ensure that no cells were left that might have decided to grow again.

And that is the end of the story, it is the truth, the whole truth about how they eliminated by twin.

Daily Prompt: Indentical

Good Morning


My good mornings seem to get later and later. This morning it was pure laziness, hugging the bed and not wanting to leave. iPads are such comfortable instruments. You can hold them in your hand, lay in bed, and deal with your internet duties, without having to go to the computer. Now I am up in the real world and my first check is to see what the world looks like. This morning there are icy temperatures but I spotted a patch of blue sky and decided to take a photo before it disappeared for the rest of the day. No big deal probably and I am have a feeling that the remains of the day will not be so friendly.


I noticed that my rosemary in the garden is still flowering. Since last year in summer it has shown its little violet flowers and in the meanwhile survived the Autumn and Winter. It has been subject to sun, afterwards rain, then came the snow and frost. When the snow melted I noticed that the flowers were still there, and at the moment in March it is producing new flowers everywhere. It is still full of buds, so it must be happy in my garden. I regularly pick a twig for spicing my food, not too many, but they multiply and divide afterwards. Now I will have to replace my sage. That went to the happy hunting grounds at the beginning of Winter and it is time for a fresh plant.

I had a visit from my therapy lady yesterday. She was on holiday for a week. We have now found a good possibility for walking training with just my stick in the kitchen. I can hold the stick in one hand and hold onto the cooking top with the other giving me enough distance to train without my stupid walker. As I have two sticks, we have now begun to walk independently just using both sticks. This week she will bring a pair of crutches to see how that works. It is a slow task, but every little bit more helps. The next target on the horizon is to get to the supermarket, with my walker of course, and to do the shopping with Mr. Swiss. She finds it is now possible. I would be glad to be able to do it at least by the end of this week.

We now have a cleaning lady. After many attempts we are successful. The last one never turned up and was never available on the phone. This one is perfect. She once had her own small cleaning company and knows the trade very well. She arrived yesterday for the first time and I am really pleased. She did a perfect job. She is also a very nice person, and someone who sings when she works is always good to have around.

And now I must really move on. Due to my late start, I am still catching up on comments and have a little bit of cleaning routing to do. Let us look forward to a good day full of excitement on the computer. See you around.