Daily Prompt: Where there is silence there is no noise


It was silent in the home. you could hear a crumb drop from the bread that had just been cut for breakfast. No-one spoke, it was too early for converstions that could change the world. Everyone was busy with their own thing, and then the noise began.

Mr. Swiss was busy completing the change of the linen in the bedroom. That is not really a noisy job. It could be accompanied with murmers of dissatisfaction when making the beds, due to strenuous actions applied when making the bed. Mrs. Angloswiss was busy with the daily inspection tour of the appartment thinking about visiting the bathroom when Mr. Swiss was finished. She had also began to plan the cleaning of a few windows.

The doorbell rang. It was not the postman because he always rings twice, it was an unexpected caller. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had switched on the vaccum claner to remove the dust remainders from beneath the bed. He does a thorough job. Mrs. Angloswiss called, not once but twice, no three times and she has a very loud voice, even when she is quiet. The vacuum cleaner continued on its noisy way, killing the silence with its high-powered decibels and she was ignored.

To discover who was ringing the doorbell, one of the persons in question had to leave the appartment to arrive at the main entrance door to the building. There is a buzzer that can be operated which automatically gives a voice communication to the person waiting at the door, but the decibels were rising in the meanwhile and this would not work. There was only one solution, to remove the plug of the vacuum cleaner from the socket. There was instant silence, no vacuum cleaner motor running, and there was only the astonished murmers from Mr. Swiss, who was convinced that the vacuum cleaner had ceased to work.

In the meanwhile drastic action was needed, the door was opened and Mrs. Angloswiss appear at the main door,  clad only in a nightdress covered with a colourful full length kaftan bought in a market shop in Marrakesh in Morocco. She decided to appear in person at the main door, as Mr. Swiss was still not answering calls of despair and still examining the problem with the vacuum cleaner.

It was the gardening lady that had to complete some work at the main entrance door. She had to wedge the door open and needed help.

Mrs. Angloswiss returned to the appartment and Mr. Swiss was waiting at the door. “What happened?” asked a worried Mrs. Swiss. Mrs. Angloswiss clarified the mystery. Afterwards silence reigned in the appartment, the vacuum cleaner remained still. Even if the postman had called and rang twice, no-one would have heard him.

Daily Prompt: Where there is silence there is no noise

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Where there is silence there is no noise

    • Thanks. And I discovered that “The Postman only rings twice” is a book by James M. Cain and I really wanted to read it, but also discovered that it only has about 140 pages, too short for me. I like long books. I am still thinking about it.

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    • The problem is we live in an appartment Building on the ground floor, with 6 appartments on our main entrance. If someone like a builder or an electrician etc needs to gain entrance they ring on our door.


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