Daily Prompt: I am miraculous

Me around 6 years old
This is one of those photos that I usually hide from human eyes. Mum and dad had the bright idea to take me to a professional photographer to have my photo taken. Photos were few and far between in those days, and you only took black and white photos with your Brownie box camera on holiday to remember that you were there.

Anyhow I was washed and scrubbed (mum always scrubbed my face until it was bright red and shiny) and dressed in whatever were my Sunday best at the time. The photographer put my hand on the doll’s house to make it artistic and the photo was done. Note the nice white shoes and the socks with the frilly edges. Do I see a pom pom on the back of the left sock? Mum had some strange ideas sometimes. And note the bow in my hair, mum had a thing for bows and I must have had a collection in all the colours of the rainbow to match whatever I was wearing.

The funny thing is that I believe all of my cousins and a few members of my school class had photos taken in the same studio. The dolls house changed into a train for boys of course, but it was the done thing in the East End of London to have your photo taken at Percy Griffiths studio in Bow. He even altered the trimming at the bottom of the wall now and again.

So the miracle is that this 5-6 year old grew up and is today 71 years old and still going strong. Another miracle being that I have been blogging for at least 10 years. Although I often do not feel like prompting daily, I do it, as today, but I always seem to have something to say.

Today’s miracle is that I have now compiled my Christmas shopping list – not for gifts, but for food. It is on my iCloud on my iPhone shared by Mr. iSwiss. Tomorrow morning we will attack the supermarket and battle our way through the masses to ensure that we do not starve over the Christmas Holidays.

And that is all I have to say, I have to collect my strength to perform my shopping miracles tomorrow. I will be back with a few more miracles later.

Daily Prompt: I am miraculous

Good Morning

Living Room Plants

Yes, my new mobile iPhone X camera is now working perfectly. My photos usually go automtically into my online host, but I had to do it manually. This morning I discovered that my WiFi host had not been switched on. Of course silly me, that could not be done in the place where I bought the phone because they did not have access to the sender or whatever it is called. Now I am a happy iPhone bunny. I think I am more happy with a new gadget than anything else for Christmas even if I bought it myself.

I decided to take a photo of my plant collection in the living room. They are only inside during the Winter months and during Summer I have them outside in the garden. At the moment I have a small gnat invasion on my Amaryllis. I bought a couple in the store and they dragged in the infection. I am working on it, but have it in bounds at the moment. There is not very much you can do, and I am not going to repot them at the moment.

Road to Langendorf 20.12 (2)

The snow is dissappearing as fast as it arrived. Two days ago there were piles of it everywhere. It seems to have disappeared almost overnight. Temperatures are warmer and the roads are clear. We are now at the last phase of organising the shopping. I have my master plan almost finished and know when and what we will be eating. For me it was a problem to ensure that everything stayed fresh enough to eat until Tuesday.

I am already looking forward to the days after Christmas when everything returns to normal. The New Year is not such a big deal in Switzerland, just for those that want to go to a New Year dinner and dance or might celebrate at home. We usually manage to stay awake until midnight, wish each other a happy new year and I go and hug my bed. We used to drink a glass of  champis at the stroke of twelve, but even that is now neglected. Golden oldies might have digestive problems. Even the TV shows the same tired New Year programmes every year which were probably recorded some time in the middle of summer.

Road to Langendorf 20.12 (8)

Showing a photo of our museum on the left and the tower of our Swiss reform church in the distance. I will be busy cleaning windows, a 30 minute job, whilst Mr. Swiss ventures into town for a few bits and pieces of food. I had a brilliant idea for Sunday lunch. Sunday is Christmas Eve, and in the evening I usually cook something a little more special, so lunch must be somewhat frugal. I decided on good old beans on toast. That is something I remember from my cockney East London days at home. Toast two pieces of bread, spread with butter (we Brits spread everything with butter) and warm up the beans in a tomato sauce from a can. Spread the beans on the toast and eat. You can add some sausage or ham to it, but that is enough for me to fill up on until the evening. Criteria is cheap, good and not too much. Mr. Swiss is not actually a beans on toast fan, but he will survive. The advantage is that I can already buy the tin of beans today.

And now time to go, a woman’s work is never done and sitting at the computer will not do it. Have fun with your Christmas work an do not despair. There will come a time when you can fall asleep under the Christmas tree, surrounded by torn wrapping paper. I will leave you with a sunny view from the supermarket 1st floor over the surrounding counntryside. It was in the late afternoon.

Clouds 20.12 (2)