Daily Prompt: Proclivity a tendency to do something you shouldn’t?


And who says I should or should not. I had no idea of this word, have never heard of it and so I had to look it up in an Internet dictionary. Now it seems that I might, probably definitely do, repeat things that I should not do. Who makes the rules about being socially acceptable in our society.

This is where the clash of two different cultures may raise its head, and it does now and again, although I am not aware of the fact that I have a tendency to do something repetitively that I should not. If I happen to fill the dishwasher with used cutlery, you can be certain that I have again done it in the wrong way, although I am convinced there is no right or wrong way. If there is a profanity uttered because someone has had a meeting with the pointed edge of a knife, is it my fault? It seems that english people put the knives in the machine upside down, although I am sure they are the right way up.

I have a tendency to take photos. Today we saw the sun. It appeared after a month of abscence. It might not be here very long, so I jumped at the opportunity to take a few cloud photos. This is OK if I think first before doing it. It could be that my actions take over, and we all know what happened to Johnny Head in the Air.

Of course that is not me, I always look where I am going, mostly. It might be that I trip on a cable that workmen left next to a hole in the street. Luckily it happened as a coincidence, just opposite the door to my doctors and I only had a few lumps and bumps. The next time I happened to fall was with a cup and saucer in my hand. It was a coffee break in the office and I forget that I had to walk up a step. I mean that can happen to anyone. The unfortunate thing was that as I fell the cup broke and I contacted my nose with a sharp edge. A friend in the office took me to the doctor and he patched me up with a very interesting plaster on my nose.

There was a time when we were moving and I was packing my kitchen machine. Yes, there was a cutting saw with a very sharp edge. A visit to the emergency in the evening works wonders and I did not have to have a stich in my split thumb, the emergency doctor stuck it together, with a warning that I should not go to work for a few days. I still have the scar to prove it.

These things could happen to anyone. Now and again I take a walk for photographic reasons. Until I get my wheelchair this is now a no go sccording to Mr. Swiss. However. I am allowed to take photos from the car. The only problem is that I tend to take a photo when Mr. Swiss wants to turn right which often presents a visibility problem in connection with other cars on the road.

In the meanwhile another cloud photo from today, accident free. I leaned on the wall on the porch as you can get quite giddy when you have your head in the clouds.


Daily Prompt: Proclivity a tendency to do something you shouldn’t?

Good Morning

Boxing Day Morning

Where is the snow? Exactly, we might live in Switzerland, land of ski slopes and white covered mountains, but when you live in the flat land you get what lays under the clouds. At the moment it is dull and dismal, but a few neighbours decided to brighten up the scene with their Christmas lights.  Even I have a candle burning on my breakfast table for a little morning atmosphere.

I just proved a theoretical problem. If you spread a slice of bread with butter and jam and you drop it, which side does it arrive on when it hits the ground below. There is a narrow choice: with or without the jammy side downwards. Yes you guessed correctly, so I had to find a damp cloth to wipe the jam off the floor

Road to Langendorf 22.12 (6)

Otherwise it is another day at home today. The stores are not yet open and so we are still raiding the fridge and cupboards for food supplies. We have enough so we will not starve. Today I have the good old iron reserve of a ham and red cabbage, together with potatoes: everything that you can keep

Ham and Red Cabbage

The nice thing about this meal is that it cooks itself more or less. The ham is already cooked and I only have to heat it through in its plastic bag. I have to chop the cabbage, which I usully fry in butter, add some red wine and spice it up and leave it to cook for a couple of hours until lunch time. The final touch is a shot of fruit vineagar about 15 minutes before serving. Afterwards a routine job with the potatoes and what could possibly go wrong. I usually do this meal on the last days of a longer holiday as I can always buy it in advance.

I discovered I also have enough bread until Friday, frozen but freshly frozen. Actually Mr. Swiss had a quick check through today and discovered we can also forget a shopping trip tomorrow. We still have stuff left for lunch tomorrow (spaghetti with tuna fish sauce and a side salad).

This means that I will remain a prisoner until Friday when they let me out again for the New Year shopping. New Year is nothing special in our house, but being humans we still have to eat. I have a complete day tomorrow to compose the shopping list.

Sparrows 25.12 (10)

The sparrows were busy yesterday pecking at the seeds on the bird house. They seem to be the scavengers of the bird world. I have the fattest sparrows in the area. The magpies have just arrived for breakfast, the remains of the bread. The crows have not yet put in an appearance.

And now all is right in the angleswiss world more or less. I will now move onto preparing my red cabbage and afterwards might even clean the bathroom – out of boredom of course.

Have a good day everyone, see you later.

Schlumbergera and Pointsettia