Daily Prompt: Have nothing worth confessing

Jesuit Church, Solothurn
This is really not my style. This photo was taken in the local Jesuit church of a confessional box because I happened to be in the church to take a few photos. So I confess that my only connection to a church, cathedral or whatever is to take a photo. Although I must say it is an interesting little box. There are two entrances, or are they exits and a curtain in the middle. Why does the priest have to hide behind a curtain. I suppose it all has its reason. If I wanted to confess, which entrance should I use? It is all very confusing. I only know about this confessional stuff from others, but it seems if you commit a few murders the church would not even tell anyone about it and most of what you confess (probably not the murders) will be forgiven around a few corners.

I confess that I have nothing to say on this subject. Lunch was Ok today, I did not burn anything and everyone enjoyed it. I went shopping this morning and bought everything on the list. I had such a perfect morning that there is nothing to confess about. If I had poisoned someone at today’s lunch or shot the butcher because he sold me the wrong meat, I would have had something to confess.

I have just finished cleaning the shower which I hate doing. It is only half an hour, but half an hour of my peaceful life in the afternoon. I uttered a few profanities whilst doing it, is that a reason to confess? Actually I confess every day on my blog, but as I do not do anything spectacular, who cares. I even get likes for my confessionals, so how’s that.

Ok, time to go, I confess I am bored with this theme and probably I am boring you as well. I really have better things to do with my time. Oh there is that neighbour outside that annoys me because she always leaves the entrance door open. OK, I have dealt with the situation. I confess that I just went outside and …….. locked the door.

Daily Prompt: Have nothing worth confessing

Good Morning

Clouds 26.12 (9)

This morning’s early sky? No, definitely not, we are still submitted to a cloudless sky with its more than 50 shades of grey.  This photo is from yesterday afternoon, so I shot a few photos before the clouds and sun disappeared for another month. I was surprised and happy when I stopped hugging my bed after yesterday’s after lunch sleep and discovered the sun again. I thought it had left us almost forever, but strange things are happening in the weather sky.

Today it will be dry and bright, am not yet sure about the sun, but we can hope. Tomorrow evening it will begin to snow throughout the night and on Friday: just in time for the New Year shopping marathon, but we will survive. The big surprise is the week-end when temperatures of 10°C are expected meaning 50° Fahrenheit for those that have another system. Yes, Spring returns at the week-end and perhaps the daffoldils will begin to flower. On the other hand next week may bring snow.

We now have the happy holidays behind us and I am happy, very happy because I found the lost day. I was convinced that the shops would still be closed today, but I forgot Wednesday that appears between Tuesday and Thursday. Of course they will let me out again today for a trip to the supermarket. Most people dislike shopping, even Mr. Swiss, but for me it is a chance to go places and see things and perhaps take some photos on the way.


I was really convinced yesterday that I only had one day to plan the New Year Food, but I am already half way into the cloud shopping list shared with Mr. Swiss. Now and again he adds something and I add something. I even illustrate my part of the list with little pictures of food supplied by my iPhone text which Mr. Swiss finds amusing but perhaps a little juvenile: little things please little minds.

Today I could even read the local newspaper again online. It disappeared over the holidays, but I also discovered that not very much spectacular in our area has happened. Even the national newspapers have nothing special to report.

Breakfast Table

I have now finished my breakfast feast (bread and jam) and am drinking the remains of my cup of tea. I will now depart for a journey into the unknown with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Look after yourselves and enjoy a non-stress day. I will be back with new tales from the depths of Switzerland.