Daily Prompt: How many degrees

Road to Langendorf 06.12 (35)

“How does this look.”

“Perfect, just carry on.”

“You are not looking.”

“Just chop it off, I am sure it is perfect.”

“How can you know it’s perfect when you are not looking.”

“Because you have been chopping trees for the past five years and no-one ever complained.”

“Perhaps no-one looks at the trees when I have cut them.”

“That is because its is nothing new. They all look the same. Just chop off what you have to chop of and trim it down a bit.”

“Do you think I should shape it up more on the right side.”

“As long as the left side is in proportion.”

“I am not so sure, just take a look.”

“Sorry, I have other things to look at.”

“Such as?”

I have to study the proportions of the trees on the other side of the road to make sure they match the height and width of the trees on this side of the road.”

“But how can you do that if your only look on the other side of the road.”

“It is all a matter of experience.”

“Then take a look at the trees I have cut and tell me that they are OK.”

“If you insist. Oh.”

“What Oh?”

“You should have left those brances at a 180° angle and now they are 90°.”

“I thought you wanted them to be like that.”

“Not really my problem. The trees on the other side of the road point in a different direction.”

“Of course they do, beause they have to be symmetrical to the trees on my side of the road. Where are you going?”

“I am going to get something warm to drink at the restaurant on the corner. It’s all right for you up in a tree with all the action. I am freezing down here, standing around and waiting for you to cut the tree.”

“Perhaps you could come up the ladder and help me.”

“Sorry not possible. I told the boss I suffer from vertigo and cannot climb ladders. I get giddy.”

“And what about my tree.”

“Just chop away, I am sure it will be perfect when you are finished.”

“Oh dear. Now the branch has fallen on his head and he is unconscious. That’s his fault. He should have been watching me instead of looking at the trees on the other side of the road.”

Daily Prompt: How many degrees

Good Morning

Morning Snow

It is a snowy morning this morning. We noticed yesterday evening that there was already a layer on the garden, but it seems to have remained in moderation throughout the night, although it is frozen in places. It is also quite cold and this time I think it is here to stay for a few days. I just noticed it has begun to snow again, but not so thick and fast, onlythe fine sort of snow.

It is Saturday, so I do not have to go places  and see things. I will send Mr. Swiss for a short journey to the supermarket

I see that thanks to Mr. Trump’s ignorance people have begun to attack each other again with rockets and guns in Israel. Why could he not keep his big mouth shut about stuff he does not understand in other countries. He should stick to the problems in his own country, and he is the biggest problem in my opinion.

Jura 08.12 (4)

I noticed Christmas is creeping up on me like the mist on the mountains. I got my first Christmas card yesterday and I have not even thought about writing one up to now. Another job to get done on Monday. I read comments in Facebook (of course, where else) about the rooms that people are decorating and are glad to have help from friends. Some seem to decorate complete houses. Yesterday in the supermarket there was a complete table organised with two assistants for the purpose of wrapping gifts. I just do not get this thing. Is Christmas really supposed to be a stress time of spending as much money as possible? I gave it up a couple of years ago. I do not expect  want Christmas gifts and I am not giving any. The only reason I am sending Christmas cards is because other people send them to me.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and good will to all men, and it already begins with a special tent at the supermarket stuffed with Christmas decorations together with the stress symptoms end of October. Ok, we do have an advent wreath at home and tomorrow we will ignite the second candle. It looks good on the table, but I do not need sparkles everywhere. My miniature Christmas tree with its 7 lights stays in the cellar this year.  As soon as the whole Christmas show is finished in the supermarket you find the carnival decorations everywhere, and that is in February. The carnival season finishes, just in time to get the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies and then we have summer.

Yes our lives are just one big commercial money making celebration.

Snow 26.11 (13)

I know I am a Christmas grinch, but I like to lead a stressless life without all the commotion. I like kids generally, but even they got on my nerves in the supermarket yesterday. One small child decided to lay on the floor of the supermarket and we all had to walk around him. His mother did tell him to stand up, but he ignored her and so she left him there to do his own thing. Mr. Swiss and I had to make a detour to get to where we wanted to go. On the other side two kids were playing a game which incurred running in circles with the arms spread out: another golden oldie occupational hazard. I think I am getting too old and grumpy for this sort of thing. We were glad to make a getaway eventually and arrive home.

Today I have visitors. My son, his wife and the new arrival in the family, now three months old, will be visiting from Schaffhausen. I now have things to do and organise, so wish everyone a very good week-end.

Jura 08.12 (1)