One Word Photo Challenge: Macro

Pepper Seeds 1709 (5)

When is a macro a macro? Good Question. Is it a macro because you happen to take the photo with a macro lens, or is it a macro because you are as close as possible, trying to avoid getting stung by a wasp or a bee or being careful not to disturb a fly that has just settled for the macro of the year. I played safe with this experiment. It is the seeds of a green pepper, taking with my macro lens. I should use the lens more often, but I am too lazy and when I have a wonderful sharp focus, everything surrounding it is one big blur.

One Word Photo Challenge: Macro

Daily Prompt: A life of bliss?


A life of bliss? Of course, I do not have to go anywhere or do anything. I sleep when I want to, I read a book when I feel like it and I even play stupid games on the computer, because I have the time.

Housework? Forget it, it does itself. And cooking – well there are takeaways and resturants. Life is now just one big blissful happy holiday and I even get money for it, called state pension.

And that’s that. I have have some stupid prompts in my golden oldie life, but they seem to get more and more boring and monotonours day by day. And now I will return to my life of bliss. I actually decided to retrieve my sewing machine from the cellar and return it to a place in the appartment. If I really get bored with my life of bliss I can always keep myself busy with the sewing machine. I noticed there is a bath towel where the edge just needs a little trimming. Just a quick zig zag and the job is completed.  Some time ago I wanted to shorten a pair of trousers and I had even forgotten how to thread the machine up.  Yes, I should shake myself out of this life of doing nothing and work again.

I spent years thinking of retirement, looking forward to it. It arrived eight years ago and I have been sitting around in my new life of bliss since, telling myself I only have to do what I want to and not what I have to. How wrong can you be. There is no life of bliss and if there was, the boredom would be complete. I have aches and pains to keep me occupied. You do not get retirement without having the trimmings to go with it.

And now I must go, I really have other things to do in my blissful life than write a blog. I have a piece of cake to eat and oh yes, the sewing machine. I can also watch the snowflakes falling outside.

Snow 10.12 (4)

Daily Prompt: A life of bliss?

Good Morning


8.00 in the morning and the world seems to be in order for the time being: it rained in the night, but no snow. The crows and magpies have arrived outside for their morning bread ration and now and again a blackbird appears.

Morning Amaryllis

One bright spot was that last year’s amaryllis decided to flower again this year which has never happened before. I usually throw them away. However, the stalk has remained short and it is not the towering flower above everything that I had last year. There is also a second flower on the way. Since the last big update from Windows I now get a new standard picture every week. These are the automatic photos but they are quite good.

Birdhouse 16.12 (6)

I was hoping for some spectacular bird photos yesterday morning, but no such luck. There was the odd visit of a great tit now and again,but she just gathered a seed or two and flew off again. Somehow I have a feeling that they are too well fed.

Being a Christmas grinch I am not wallowing in Christmas trees or decorations. When I look in on Facebook I see one Christmas tree after the other with fantastic decorations competing with the tree on Trafalgar Square in London. It seems there is a sort of unknown competition in Facebook to see who has the best and biggest.

No, it does not look a lot like Christmas here. We have candles here and there and even an advent wreath. No. 3 candle will be lit today. I have sent out a few Christmas cards. When I was a kid we would receive at least 50 cards from various relations and friends, sometimes more. Today I can count them on the fingers of one hand: there are those from a few local business companies and otherwise a couple from the relations I still have. Aunts and Uncles are long gone sadly, but I still have contact with cousins, although they live in other countries.

I am now gradually composing the Christmas food, but nothing over the edge. Christmas Eve, the big celebration in Europe (except for England) is on Sunday and then follows Monday and Tuesday when the shops are closed. This means that a consolidated shopping should be finished by Saturday, but Saturday is a no go day for me to do any shopping, so it will have to be Friday. On Friday Mr. Swiss has an appointment towards lunchtime for his second back injection at the local hospital, so it will be an early start in the morning. I also have to include food for Friday and Saturday.  I will really have to plan next week. Oh how I dislike Christmas with all the stress. I will really be glad when the days return to normal. In between my new iPhone will probably be ready and I will have to find time to pick it up and get it programmed to my requirements. I also have a wheelchair that will be arriving next week with a guy that gives me all the instructions. On top of this it is supposed to be snowing next week.

When I have all this stress behind me, the new Year days arrive. New Years Day is a no shopping day, the day afterwards is St. Bartholomew Day whch is also closed in my country and the whole shopping carousel begins again.

I will survive as always, but does this have to be. In spite of my misery, I still wish everyone a good Sunday.

Christmas decoration