Good Morning


Life is full of little rituals, especially when you are a golden oldie and have nothing better to do than carry on regardless. The first thing I do in the morning when I awake is stretch over to my mobile phone, on the night table, and give it resuscitation from the electric current to ensure that it is full power when I am return to the land of the living. I sleep on afterwards. When I regain complete consciousness, rise and hobble onto to my loading station in my computer room. The next part in my operations centre is to make sure my iPad and Kindle live through another day, so they are also fed with electricity. It is a daily routine. My iPad would probably not last until the next day without it. My Kindle can actually manage a few days without being recharged, but doing it daily means I do not have to think about it.

My Apple computer needs half an hour at the most when I have finished with it. That is why I love my apple. I do not have to hang it onto the electricity all the time because it has a reserve of at least 10 hours. My windows system collapses after an hour if it is not plugged in. Through the night both are resting on a shelf, with no problem, waiting for the day ahead in times of need. At the moment it is early morning and I am working on my Windows machine which is plugged in, next to the kitchen table. My telephone only reached 97% this morning as I hugged the bed a little longer and overslept the recharging time.


Another ritual has become taking a photo of the morning sky, although lately there is not very much happening. Window mornings can either bring a surprise with a wonderful colourful sunrise, or be drab and boring. Lately they have been very drab. It is wet everywhere: a little bit of snow mixed in, but mainly rain and it will probably stay that way. Actually it does not surprise me, as we rarely actually have a white Christmas. It usually arrives after the new year. It was then the time when we were in the work force, and driving off to work in the deepest snow and ice was not fun. However, these days are now behind us and driving off is earliest at 10.00 a.m. when the roads have been cleared of any snowy bumps and lumps.

Bürgerspital Solothurn

Yesterday Mr. Swiss had an appointment at the local hospital to see the specialist for a back injection to help relieve the pain he has (photo of the local hospital). Afterwards he did not feel much relief, but slowly it is getting a little better, but not perfect. He has the second injection at the end of this week so we are hoping for the best. When we go shopping we have to work out who pushes the trolley for support. Growing old is not fun, you are confronted with all sorts of things that you did not expect. My dad was never one to complain, but I noticed the changes he had with age. He always refused a stick at first, and adamently declined a zimerframe. Eventually he completely had to rely on the zimer frame. I realised it was a sign of age, but never thought it might be a sign of my age. When you are young these things seem to be in another world.

And now for a normal more relaxing day. Mr. Swiss is planning on a safari to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces and I am planning on a tour of the appartment accompanied by my trusty sidekicks, the vacuum cleaner and mop, with an interval spent at the ironing board as I now have the bed linen to iron. However, no big problem as I do it to the accompaniment of my online iPad radio. Oh, the thrills of a golden oldie life.

Enjoy the day, be kind to your online appliances, you might need them and have fun with them.

Front Garden 01.12 (6)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I recharge anything that has less than 50% power. If it has more than that, I will usually wait one more day My kindle will go two to three days without recharging. My computers are always charging unless I need to move around with them. My big one will last about 5 hours on battery if I’m busy, but rarely longer. The small, lightweight one survives only a few hours without a charge. It has already had a battery replacement and is getting a bit cranky.

    I have SO many chargers and/or batteries for cameras, computers, telephones it is absolutely RIDICULOUS. One of the reasons I keep trying to cut down on what I need when i travel is to cut down on the number of electronic chargers and batteries. Why can’t they make a batter or a charger for more than one item? Why does every single item have a unique charger?

    Garry got one of those injections into he bad shoulder and it helped, but not as much as we hoped. A second injection (we are told) may help even more. It’s not bad enough for surgery, but it hurts a lot. No one will do anything for my back. They are afraid to even try.

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    • I recharge automatically daily my Kindle and iPad. The iPad is usually down to about 60-70% and the Kindle only needs a few minutes. The newer Kindles are much better with the power usage. Apples are super with battery usage, and I never plug it on the mains when I am using it. Just half an hour once a day does the trick. The Acer is windows and I have to keep that on the electricity. However, when I am finished I park it on a shelf and it is not plugged in and it is still full power in the morning when I use it again. I never leave my computers on the mains.
      They really should do something about the camera batteries. Each camera has something different.I think they try to make an improvement each time a new camera comes on the market, and we have to bear with it.
      When Mr. Swiss got home after the injection he said it was the same. Gradually today he was getting happier and when he went shopping it said it was the first time in a long while that he did not have to sit down in between. Next Friday he has the second injection and I am hoping it will do the trick. It has been such a worry over the past months, especially as my condition is deteriorating with walking around. They could do a back operation for Mr. Swiss, but he refuses and he is right. That could do more harm than good and at the age of 78 you think twice about these things.


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