Daily Prompt: Too lazy to be profound

Sweet Pea 01.08 (7)

How is this for a profound macro photo of one of my sweet pea flower stalks, although it is more luck than judgement. At the moment I am attempting to collect a profound knowledge of the manual settings of my DSLR camera – and there we have the root of my non-profoundability. I am too lazy to be profound. I have had this camera for at least 8 years, even did a course about photography, but not with this camera. At least I got the basics of what photography is about and what to look for, but that us where it ended. Yes, I am a miserable failure when it comes to being profound about anything and everything.

I devleop an interest in something and get visions of becoming an expert, my opinon bein sought for tips and assistance. Unfortunately up to now, my knowledge of taking photos got marooned on the isle of set scenes on the camera. You want the photo of the year, just press the button and let the camera do the rest. On the other hand, if you want perfection, you have to invest a little time, energy – and of course money. The last being one of the reasons why I did not leap into the acquirement of a macro lens. The money is now there, I have googled all over the Nikon sights and found my dream lens, so now to take the plunge. I asked a photography colleague, he found he would also buy that lens, but you have to do it mainly by manual operations. I developped my knowledge of manual operations and although not profound, it has made progress, so what could possibly go wrong – a lot I suppose, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. The above photo was taken without a macro lens.

I have a profound knowledge of Swiss German, but what is the good of it when only a few million people speak it. It also has numerous dialects, so if you are stranded in a lonely valley where the marmots and lynx say goodnight to each other, your Bern, Basel or Zürich german will not be a great help, as due to isolated surroundings the natives have probably developed their own speech over the years. This is where my profound knowledge can meet complications.

I have a profound knowledge of Mr. Swiss and he also has a profound knowledge of me. I once had the idea of helping my fellow humans with a profound knowledge of medicine and so I joined the local first aid group in the village. I learned how to bring the dead back to life, known as CPR. I even passed the test for 5 years in a row. I could bind a broken arm, even heal the sick, almost. I was OK, but not Florence Nightingale in disguise. Eventually I was the person responsible for the accounts of the group. My talents seem to lay elsewhere, more in the Excel realms of the computer. I still joined in the various exercises, but you should be fit for this and I realised that as time passed, I was not longer so fit. It is OK to heal the wounded sitting on the ground next to them, but you also need a profound knowledge of standing up again afterwards.

I decided to become the gardener with a profound knowledge of everything growing in the garden. This was OK, but I now have to employ a gardener  about three times a year to keep the garden tidy and organised. You might have profound knowlege, but if the body lacks on profound methods of movements, just forget it.

I have a profound knowledge of blogging. I can sit on this job and just type into my computer. I did a  web assistant course, and acquired some knowledge of html and how to do it, but not really profound. I just get along with it.

I now have two complaints registered with our happiness engineers. One is still the changeover from one site to another with our WordPress app, and now a second has arrived. I was feeling isolated and neglected today. I am used to my iPhone and iPad showing continuous communications with my WordPress world but there was silence all morning. Was I being ignored, had I done something wrong? No, when I looked at my site I saw a line of comments and acknowledgements. Of course, I search for the mistake on my side. WordPress are profound in their ability to organise our blogging efforts, they are perfect. I examined the details on my Iphone/pad and found everything was OK. I have now risked sending a complaint to the Forum and begged for help from their profound knowledge of things that can go wrong.

And now to move on, there are other things to do in my real world, but I cannot remember what they are. One of those golden oldie moments of forgtfulness.

Daily Prompt: Too Lazy to be Profound

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Too lazy to be profound

  1. Lovely shot for a practice run. Nice colour tones and detail.
    Getting profound shots is a day-on-day basis nobody gets great at the first try. I also try day-to-day. 🙂

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  2. Great shot – the sweet-pea in focus and the background fading to a blur – just right. I might have been tempted to take a portrait shot rather than landscape but as I have previously come to grief when turning my camera, I tend to rely on cropping to achieve the same result. I assume this is one of your everlasting sweet-peas. Do they have any scent?

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    • It is an everlasting sweet pea, they are less trouble as they arrive every year again and even multiply. The Background thing has to do with the so-called “F” settings. I think that is the depth of focus they all talk about, but I really do not have a professional clue about it. I usually turn it up high to get the background blur if I want it.

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  3. 😃 what a nice post. It’s a good idea to write about. I saw your post on the community pool and I found this blog very interesting! Keep writing, you’re a wonderful writer. I love how you develop your blog posts.

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    • I have been blogging for many years now, but more so since I stopped work, as I probably have too much time on my hands. Glad you enjoy it. With these words I often have to check to see what they are really about, living in a country for 50 years where I speak another language to english (swiss german), I tend to get out of touch. I never know where I am going when I begin to write, I just wander off at a tangeant probably.

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    • I don’t know what is wrong at the moment. I have no trouble posting and reading what the others write. I just cannot change from my angloswiss blog to my angloswisscat blog on the app, it gets blocked. From my site I can do it with no problem. Today I am getting no notifications whatsoever on my phone or iPad, but all my other apps are working as normal. I have written on both problems on their forum site, but they seem to be ignoring me and I am not getting any sort of answer. It seems to me it has happened since the last app update.


  4. When I was working, I spent a lot of time learning stuff. Complicated stuff. Now, I leave profundity to others. I take whatever path will yield good results without a huge investment of brain power. I’ve used up my brain and can’t afford to waste what little remains 🙂

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    • My company sent me on so many various courses and lectures, but mostly about the same thing. I must have become an expert on Letters of Credits and export documentation, but it was a job, not what I really wanted to do. My brain is still working and so is Mr. Swiss, but somehow different, it wanders more and forgets more, although I still know what I did ten years ago.


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