RDP Friday: Gobsmacked

Since being more homebound and having to order most stuff online I am no longer able to transport flowers, particularly orchids, on my scooter. It is now a new season and I only managed to rescue four plants from last year. I took a chance and saw an advertisement on Facebook from Switzerland for orchids. Switzerland being a small country, there is no problem in ordering, although it was something I had never done with orchids. I placed the order two days ago and this afternoon they arrived by DHL delivery. They were well packed and I must say I was a little gobsmacked to see how nice they were. I unpacked them carefully, they were well wrapped. Afterwards I soaked them in water for a while adding liquid orchid fertiliser. They are now outside on the porch and are really looking good. The price for all three was really very reasonable. I am now on the mailing list for this company, so who knows what I might order in the future. How life changes over the years.

RDP Friday: Gobsmacked

Good Morning

Another cloudy morning. Rain perhaps, but I do not think so. Yesterday we also got no rain although other parts of Switzerland did. It was still a pleasant day, even with some sun in between and I think today will be the same. I was again at home taking it easy. There are some days when I do not really want to go anywhere. Covid seems to have changed my daily routine and given me food for thought. We were all more or less told to isolate. At the beginning I was still going shopping for the family: online ordering got to be a habit with so many people that you got no delivery slots and had to wait at least two weeks for a delivery. People began to get a little hysterical. Toilet paper shelves were empty in the stores, as well as the freezers with the frozen food. It was one big mass panic. I was watching this as an observer and shocked by the conditions in the stores and the behaviour of the general public. We were being permanently assured that there was enough food and supplies for everyone and this was not necessary. It was also the time when I gave up driving a car and was now travelling by electric wheelchair, later by scooter. This was no great problem as it was summer.

Winter arrived, but in the meanwhile people had adapted to the new state of affairs. There were delivery slots available again and my store organised a new system of grocery delivery for a selected few (and I was one of them). I was invited to participate and I did, one of the best decisions I had made. I could avoid the cold and snowly weather of Winter. This system has now been expanded and I slowly adapted and am now ordering twice a week. I also organised a large freezer chest and began to store groceries. I am lucky enough to have a laundry room in the basement with enough space and a permently cool temperature. For the first time in my life I can now please myself if I go places or not, it is a matter of choice I quite enjoy my new life of isolation and the feeling no longer to be under pressure with my daily chores. I am now a golden oldie and it is time to let the others stress around. It never actually bothered me so much when I was younger, but now it is time to take it easy in the remaining days that I have.

So what do i do all day. I have a wonderful window seat for the outdoor life of the birds and armed with my camera take photos of their antics when collecting the food supplies I leave outside. However the food supplies are now slowly finishing as our stores do not supply bird food during the summer months. Quite rightly actually, nature provides enough for them to eat during the summer, although I will miss them.

This morning I will be getting another delivery of groceries which will complete my needs for the weekend. I am also expecting a DHL delivery of three orchids I have order from a company. They were ordered the day before yesterday and I got notification that they will arrive today. The company where I ordered them have been in existence for many years in Switzerland with plants and have now specialised in orchids, so I am hoping they will be a good quality.

Time to move on. I have a few things to deal with this morning and want to be ready when my grocery delivery arrives. Tomorow is already the beginning to the week-end. Time really flies, another week older. Enjoy the day.