Good Morning

At least some contours in this morning’s sky and the sun has risen, although a little reluctantly. It is still quite cold in the morning and during the day also chilly. I am still wearing my winter jacket if I go anywhere in the afternoon. It can get quite cool on a scooter with the facing wind. I did venture into town yesterday, but was glad to return home again. I am getting lazy in my golden oldie days.

This is a view down to one of the bridges over the river. There seem to be fewer and fewer people around, it used to be so lively when the weather got more friendly with its sun, but Covid seems to have kept everyone at home. On the left in the photo is one of our post offices and this will be closing very soon. We will only have the main post office on the other side of town. If it does not make a profit, then close it. We used to have four post offices in the area but one by one they have disappeared. If you have a car and can travel this is no great problem, but I do not have a car and travel only by scooter or wheelchair which is is quite inconvenient.

The road into town was also quite empty and I had it almost to myself. At least our local train is still running serving the surrounding villages and the students attending the local high schools. There were voices to replace the train with a bus system, but our powers that be decided this was no so good and have decided to even make a second track on the other side of the road. That will be a lot of inconvenience until it has been built and it is really not necessary. The train is half empty already. Many travel by bike or car, more trains are really not necessary.

The side road was looking quite picturesque, guarded by the gate of Biel on the left. There are a few businesses in the buildings on the ground floor, mostly restaurants which are at the moment closed due to our Covid lock down. At the moment cases are again decreasing after a small third wave, but who knows when it will end. I notice there was quite a coming and going as I passed the vaccination centre so things are progressing. I am glad that I now have my jabs behind me, and got a good vaccination choice. Who would have thought that we so confident humans would be almost defeated by a few hairy pins circulating in the air. It has certainly disrupted our self confidence.

And yet another Harry Potter film yesterday on the TV. I am really enjoying them. Yesterday it was the Goblet of Fire. I remember reading the book. Actually I read all of the books except for the last one, the Deathly Hallows, which I will have to now catch up on.

And now to move on. I am expecting a delivery of groceries this morning from the online supermarket and then I will be set for the week-end. I do not really intend going anywhere for the next couple of days. Sometimes I am just too weary. Have a good day everyone and make the most of it, as I will try to do.

As I approached the closing stretch on my way home I noticed a glimpse of the alps in the distance. You can never get away from them. They are everywhere.