Good Morning

It was a nice bright morning today, although still quite cold. Today is cleaning lady day so I have a little less time to play with my computer. Whilst she is busy I also make myself busy by polishing up the windows a little. They are not really dirty as they are not open to the wind and weather, but a little set back and protected by the blinds during the night. It is the only time I bother with lowering the blinds, although Mr. Swiss is not a keen lover of bright sunshine through the windows and now and again closes them during the day, which is not my habit.

It was yet another day at home yesterday, but I did not mind. It is sometimes better to relax during the day. I had a call from No. 2 son before he sunk into his office at home to tell me his local government have now put him on the list for his vaccination which will be next week and the end of May for the second jab. I decided it was time for my No. 1 son to be put on the list in our Kanton. You can register by computer but for No. 1 son, who is not really an internet person that would be a little problematic, also because he is autist. However, he has a mobile phone which meant that when he was on the list he would be called up with a message which would be no problem. I called the headquarters and there was a nice guy on the phone that took all the details. When No. 1 son arrived home from work at lunch time, I wanted to explain, but there was no need. He had already received a confirmation from our local authorities that he would be called up for a jab when his time was ready. I must say, they are really well organised.

I just heard that the Brits are now beginning to vaccinate people from the age of 45

My birds are getting fewer as I no longer can get their food, although I am overdoing it a little. During the Summer months there is enough for them to find: a nice juicy worm or grub is always a good meaty alternative to the dry seeds I suppose. However, where there is a peanut there is always a good alternative according to my thieving magpies..

The sparrows are, however, still hanging around for something that might turn up.

In the meanwhile my cleaning lady is finished and left and now I have a super shiny bathroom, shower and kitchen. I will now also leave having nothing new to report and everything quiet on the Swiss front. Have a good day everyone, make the most of it.