Good Morning

Up with the sun, although I usually am. The sun does arrive an hour before I do, but he does not bother with things like time or clocks. He operates more on the physical side with a little consultation with the clouds. I have already been busy and transferred my two plants from inside to outside on the porch. I do not think that there is now a danger that they will get frozen roots. The weather has now improved considerably and it is now a question before going anywhere whether it is raining or not, and not whether you have to wear a jacket or even a hat. Even Mr. Swiss said he would come with me yesterday on my short shopping trip along the road, but he had second thoughts and decided it was more comfortable at home with a book.

I did not mind so much as I only had to get a couple of items and I think I went because I wanted to break out from my isolation. It is really just a short wheelie in my scooter along the road and they have a nice parking place for bikes and mobile machines like my scooter. I returned after an hour. I do not have to travel on the road as my scooter is allowed on the footways. As you can see there is never very much traffic on the road. It is a side road and our slow connection to the next town of Olten. If you stay on the road for more than an hour you eventually would arrive in Zürich, although that would be quicker on the motorway.

On the way I pass our local pizzeria which is no longer. The owners decided to quit eventually. The covid pandemic speeded up their decision, but they were approaching retirement age. It is now empty, the chairs and table outside and plants are no longer. It has been sold and will be renovated. It will probably remain as a restaurant, but perhaps no longer serving pizzas. It was very popular here and you usually had to reserve a table if you wanted to visit.

Our sparrows are still on the search for food and yesterday they finished the rest in the cocoanut shell. However I still had a second shell and replaced it. It is a mixture of fat and seeds and there would have been no point in saving it for next Winter. It would no longer have been so fresh so now the birds are happy again. There is absolutely no more bird food to be bought in the stores here. It is now finished until next Winter, but who wants to think of Winter now. I certainly do not and I am glad to have the cold behind me.

Otherwise it was a nice restful day. I now have to move on to my lunchtime meat. I decided on a slow cooking beef dish with a new recipe I found. If I get it started I can let is slowly simmer until lunchtime. After my midday snooze I will be off into town, but only quickly. Again something caught my eye. One of the stores have large pots of basil at a reasonable price which would fit nicely outside on my porch next to my herb bed.

I leave you under the watchful eyes of the neighbour’s cat who made himself comfortable on my porch outside although he does not look very watchful. Have a good week-end, may it be a sunny and warm one.