RDP Friday: Gobsmacked

Since being more homebound and having to order most stuff online I am no longer able to transport flowers, particularly orchids, on my scooter. It is now a new season and I only managed to rescue four plants from last year. I took a chance and saw an advertisement on Facebook from Switzerland for orchids. Switzerland being a small country, there is no problem in ordering, although it was something I had never done with orchids. I placed the order two days ago and this afternoon they arrived by DHL delivery. They were well packed and I must say I was a little gobsmacked to see how nice they were. I unpacked them carefully, they were well wrapped. Afterwards I soaked them in water for a while adding liquid orchid fertiliser. They are now outside on the porch and are really looking good. The price for all three was really very reasonable. I am now on the mailing list for this company, so who knows what I might order in the future. How life changes over the years.

RDP Friday: Gobsmacked

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Gobsmacked

  1. They are lovely. There is very little you can’t order online these days. It is nice to go to the store and select things yourself but if you can’t do it at least you don’t have to miss out.

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    • I went to the store to get an orchid, but our town store had a miserable choice. When I still had my car i would go shopping in the larger store and they really had some nice orchids

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