RDP Tuesday: Random

When a bee sees an insect hotel he has to make a decision. He will not just occupy any random hotel room, it has to be in the right place: a view from the balcony and enough room to curl up and wait for whatever happens to a bee in his hotel room. Some of the rooms were already occupied and the doors closed, but he managed to find a nice room almost a penthouse suite – so what could be better.

RDP Tuesday: Random

Good Morning

Later this morning, but it is cleaning lady day and I have a different routine and actually less time, but I am here. I already had excitement as my delivery from the store was not as I wanted. I ordered 1 kilo polenta, the rougher kind as I do not like the fine grains cooked. Not only did they send me the fine grained as they did not have the other sort, but only a 500 gramme packet and it was the Aha quality which is more expensive and for those with eating problems. I have already contacted the store and complained on their strange ideas of a substitute product. This afternoon I will be in town and will visit the store myself to see what they have.

After that bother I finished freshening up my windows and put away the goods I got from the store. I am already planning my next order. That is really not so easy often, as I have to know what I will be cooking at the week-end. Luckily my family is not so fussy and leave the choices up to me.

My birds are still giving me flight demonstrations, but at least I have some entertainment from my kitchen window.

You just have to love their antics in the air. I just wait for them to fly to the food supplies and catch them as they approach. They hover for a while in the air and then land.

We had a wonderful sunset yesterday evening and with that I will now leave you, Take care and have a good day.