Good Morning

The morning is looking good. There is even a nice cloud wafting past, but the rest is just one big blue sky. It will also probably warm up during the day, although I will not be going anywhere. I do not need to and sometimes I am just happy to be at home.

Mr. Swiss also makes himself comfortable at home and very rarely goes anywhere. He also has a scooter as I do and manages quite well with his stick. Here he is relaxing outside in a wheelchair we have at home for anyone that cares to use it. I also like to sit on it outside. It is an exercise piece for me to learn how to manage with a manual wheelchair, although it would not get me far as it would be too tiresome for long distances, but it is useful to have as an alternative, or if someone cares to push us around.

Thing are really now scarce on the bird side of life. The only food I now have is in the photo, although I do have a second shell filled with fat and seeds for the birds to peck at in reserve. The sparrows have almost completely disappeared until the early evening, which is no longer so dark. They sometimes visit in the hope that there is something to peck.

A couple of days ago i had a visit from a blackbird. I used to have more when I had a lawn, but since the grass has gone and now only small stones, it is not so interesting: no worms to collect I suppose. However, now and again one turns up to have a look, but they quickly retire to the trees.

Otherwise not very much happening here. I usually sit with my Kindle in the evening now to read. We watch the BBC British channels mostly on the TV, but even that is no longer so interesting. The only programmes I really enjoy are the gardening programmes or perhaps there might be a good film. Yesterday they were showing Independence Day about the invasion of the extra terrestrials on Earth, the problem being I saw it about half a year ago, and the second part as well, so no longer so interesting.

I noticed the British queen had her 95th birthday this week. What do you give a Queen for a birthday present? I even have problems finding something for Mr. Swiss, although we gave up such things a couple of years ago. The only thing I save for today is for my golden oldie years. You ever know where you might go when you no longer can manage. .

The news is full of Covid developments. Perhaps it is me, but there no longer seem to be so many wars in the world. The new war is worldwide against the hairy pins circulating over us all and their new developments. Even they know no borders with the various foreign strains they are developing. Any countries that still fight have somehow lost the meaning of life.

And I am now off to plan my day, which is more a hobby than a work of labour. Keep safe and well everyone.