Good Morning

And the sun is shining again which means it will probably be another wonderful warm spring day. Spring took its time arriving, but now it’s here. I was a little surprised yeterday when I awoke from my midday sleep and saw that the ground was wet. Apparently there were a few drops over midday, but they were only providing some moisture to the garden and disappeared for the rest of the day. I was not planning on going anywhere so it made no difference.

It is also now time for the insects, the beetles and bugs.I saw this one taking a walk across the table on the porch. He was everywhere: over my camera, the computer and eventually disappeared through the spaces in the wooden table. He did some walking, but was excellent at jumping. I have no idea what it is, but I let him get on with his journey. I think I might call him a kangaroo zebra bug.

Things are also growing in my garden, a surprise daily. This little plant found a place between the tiles on the porch. It was a reminder of the bird food seeds that drop to the floor and it seems this one always survives. It is a so called member of the cannabis family, but no worry. It is one of the junior members and will never reach the proportions to qualify me as being an addict. I do not even smoke. However, I will leave it where it is and keep an eye on it. You can say what you will, but they do have a certain charm.

Another arrival I discovered was this long leaved example. I am not sure what it is, but resembles very much an iris in it leafy stage. I do have a bed of iris but they are in another place some way away. I thought they grew mainly from bulbs, but it seems they produce seeds which look like grass when first growing. This one might have made the big escape and I might have a new bed of iris growing. Nature can be so interesting. It might not be an iris, so I am waiting to see what happens. I am sure it is not a triffid, they have other talents.

Meanwhile back to the birds although there are not many left. They are still bent to eating the remainder in the cocoanut shell and make competitive flights to see who gets there first. When it is empty I will put out my second shell. It is all I have left.

Mr. Swiss has announced he will accompany me on my tour of the local store this afternoon. Perhaps we could have a race in our scooters to see who gets there first. It is only along the road so not too far and I have a few bits and pieces I want to pick up. At the moment the weather is really inviting, but I still have to give myself a push to go anywhere.

And now I must move on. I do not want to greet the store delivery man with my online orders still in my nightdress. so I should move into the shower and tidy up a bit. Have a good Friday, it will soon be the week-end, although we golden oldies have a week of week-ends.