FOTD 19th April 2021: Grape Hyacinths

My grape hyacinths seem to be arriving in all sorts of places in my garden this year. I once had a small bed, but when I had a madeover in the garden the gardener just pushed them around a little and they arrived in all sorts of nooks and crannies. I found this clump on the side of the garden. I wonder where they will be next year.

FOTD 19th April 2021: Grape Hyacinths

RDP Monday: Sizzle

I had to go back a few years to find a sizzling photo. This is 2007 when we had one of our evening grill evenings at the village first aid group. Everyone brought their own meat, so it was a bit of a mixture. We have families living on our estate that seems to eat only grilled meat during the summer, so we all get a whiff of what they are cooking.

I thought that grilling was a man’s work, so I welcomed our first grill food. However, I soon discovered that the men in my life did not grill but just gave out the instructions. After scraping the fat and burnt remains from the grill when we were fiished on our grilling Sundays, I decided that sizzling food was not my idea of fun. Luckily we had a small electric amateur gill and nothing with burning coals. Needless to say after a couple of months of not being used it was relegated to the cellar and at some time since 2007 it disappeared and has never been seen again.

RDP Monday: Sizzle

Good Morning

The clouds are gradually clearning and it will be another sunny day today. If only the temperatures would warm up a little. I went for wheelie yesterday wearing my winter jacket. I even checked to see if I had my gloves with me.

It had been some time since they let me out but I decided to go, inspite of the dull day. I had planned this last week and I found it was about time I got some fresh air again. The orchard is not yet showing any leaves, but this is on the higher ground just below the castle. They almost resemble ghosts with their feathery pale branches.

I naturally paid a visit to the elite group of chickens they had. It is a family of special silkie chickens but they also lay eggs and I noticed that there is a new rooster in the group. Those roosters certainly have stately figures.

As long as the female silkies with their punker hairstyles are satisfied, that it the main thing. There were a few people taking a walk but not as many as usual on a Sunday afternoon. I think the weather was too much on the chilly side. It seems everything is a bit later this year, probably due to the late beginning of Spring and the farmer has not yet began to plant his crops.

Although I saw this field of yellow flowers, but did not get close enough to see what they were. They made a nice splash of colour.

I have to wheel through the local cemetery to get to the castle, and there I always get a good choice of flowers to see.

I was on my way for about 90 minutes and eventually returned home glad that I had been somewhere and done something. I had my online shopping list to finish and send off when I got home. There is always a last minute item that I should add, I have already begun the next list for next Friday. You can never be too late. They have some interesting offers next week of goods that I use for cooking.

And now I am off to the daily chores.

May the week begin well.