Good Morning

A bit of a chill in the morning air, but nevertheless there is something to see: even the mountains of the Bernese overland are showing thenselves in the distance. It was quite a busy day yesterday with the visit from my son and his family, including grandchildren. It was lovely to see them again. My wonderful daughter-in-law organised egg hunting in my garden and the kids really had fun.

My grandson made a wonderful Easter Bunny nest for me in his childrens group.

As they have a two hour journey home they left mid afternoon, but it was really a wonderful day.

Bird visitors were quite rare yesterday and only the sparrows appeared. I think there was probably too much action in our garden with my granson searching for eggs that the easter bunny had hidden and his sister following him around. Our garden has no longer a lawn, but two raised beds and in between a layer of small stones. That was naturally a wonderful opportunity for the grandchildren to redesign the disitribution of the stones, but they had fun. We will now be seeing more of each other. Both myself and Mr. Swiss are now vaccinated against Covid and the Kanton of Schaffhausen, where my son lives with his family, have a minimum of cases and are making good progress in their vaccinations. My son and his wife will probably be on the call up list in a month or two for their jabs. so life is now a lot safer.

Today I will be at home and have no great intentions of going anywhere. I want to bake a bread and take it easy in the afternoon.

At the moment TV is quite a bit of fun for me as they have been showing some of the Harry Potter films over the holidays. I read all the books some time ago and also had seen some of the films, but they are always a pleasure to see again. I especially like to see the various animals they had designed for the films.

According to the weather report, the next two days will be filled with very cold temperatures and perhaps even some snowfall, so I will not be going anywhere. I have organised my next food delivery for tomorrow and I hope to get out again at the end of the week when the weather looks a little promising.

And my apple tree has at last produced the first leaves of the year. It will not be long before the first blossoms arrive and hopefully the first miniature apple shapes.

On this happy note I will now leave you, I have a few household jobs to do, which I actually enjoy doing. Enjoy the remainder of the hoiidays and make the most of it, although everyday is a holiday for me more or less. We golden oldies also have to have our fun., even if not so active. Mr. Swiss managed to explode an egg yesterday in the Microwave, but I did a full explanation of that in one of yesterday’s blogs. Needless to say it was a very messy business afterwards. You do not put a boiled egg with a shell in a microwave just to warm it up a little, at least not with a hard shell.